What Are You Celebrating this Summer? Our #CelebrateConBritax: Checking off My Bucket List

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In the spirit of celebration, I was about to cross something off my bucket list.  For the longest time I have been wanting to volunteer to help turtle hatchlings reach the water.  Despite all the years we have been living in Florida, I have not done it, and decided this was the summer for it. We were taking a road trip a bit north for some beach time and I guess a nature lesson for all of us.  
Preparations for our trip called for our first #CelebrateConBritax:  I graduated my little man from his Britax AdvocateCarseat  to the Britax Pinnacle booster seat .   Oh yes, he was in heaven and feeling like such a big boy.  It was adorable to watch.  All the while, observing  her brother’s joy and our celebration from her Britax Highway car seat , our little princess announced she will eat all her veggies to grow faster, so she can also enjoy a booster car seat.  These two kids, I tell you.
 I am in no rush.  The longer the kids are in their Britax seats, the happier I will be, and the more peace of mind I will have.  This is because with over 70 years leading the way in the industry, Britax’ unparalleled drive and passion for child safety has no equal.  Knowing that their car seats endure grueling and rigorous testing to deliver the safest, and most comfortable car seat means to me that I can focus on the moments with my family with no second guessing or concerns.  Of course, I do need to be on the lookout as our princess grows because safety also means that she is using the proper seat for her measurements.
 Off we drove on the Florida Turnpike, with plenty of pit stops for bathroom breaks.  It was all part of the plan.  We were taking it easy.

We finally arrived at our destination.  Total happiness - The good life had unpacked.  Not only was I surrounded with my favorite people, we were doing what we love best: being beach bums J  Using this list of tips for things to do atthe beach with kids, we spend great days enjoying the waves and nature around us. Yes, Celebration mode was on set permanently ON.
Of course, the main reason for our road trip was all around us: fenced off areas on the beach protecting the turtle nests.

The type of sea turtles that nest the most in the area are called Loggerhead.  Their nesting period is from April to September.  The great awareness on our coast for the turtles is not only for educational or research reasons.  It is also that the turtles are a threatened species and the Florida nesting population is one of the largest in the world.
A few recommendations for beach goers from March to October (nesting season):
·        Please take back with you all your beach gear.  Anything might constitute an enormous obstacle for a baby turtle trying to reach the sea.
·        If you are out at night, please do not shine lights or use flash photography. Babies are guided by the moonlight, and other sources of light can be disorienting
·        Level your sand castles and fill any holes you might dig in the sand
·        Don’t forget to take your garbage with you.  We don’t want to risk turtles eating the wrong  thing

While timing was not right and I didn't see the hatchlings we were able to sit at the boardwalk at night and enjoy the moment.  Needless to say, our road trip was a special vacation that I will never forget.
Tell me, what have you been celebrating this summer?
How has your summer been so far? Please share with us, what are you celebrating this summer?

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