Back to School Hair Styles Possible at Our Home Thanks to JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES®

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We live with a little girl that loves fufu things, dresses, make-up and everything pink!  As she grows, she wants her hair long as a princess but her hair constantly tangles and brushing it is no fun.  That meant that our soon to be hectic back-to-school days were going to be a little challenging.  No doubt we would be late everyday, I thought.

Her hair is beautiful and wavy.  Just like her, it has a mind of its own.  It easily becomes a nightmare of a mess.  A nightmare for both mom and princess: mom was the ogre pulling at her hair, princess was the victim suffering the pains of beautifying.  It got to a point that she would run away and hide so no one would brush or comb her hair- let alone style it in any way.  I was definitively dreading the morning madness that was coming upon us with back-to-school days.  At least for the first weeks while we settle into the routine.
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I needed to find a solution quick.  I am happy to report that we have reached our "happy ever after ending" thanks to the exclusive JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® 3 step regimen that not only helps us fight the evil witch of tangles, but also ensures beautiful and nourished hair. I am on my way to beautiful hair that will be easy to style in our busy, very busy school mornings.
It is an easy and quick routine that allows us to take care of hair in a jiffy.  A very important point when you need to get out the door quickly and also convince your little traumatized diva that it wont be what she was used to.

In 3 easy step I prep the hair:

Now we are ready for the master pieces!
Honestly, we are still getting over the horror that doing her hair was.  As easy as Johnson has made it for us, our princess won't allow for much.  That works for me because I need alternatives that will makes us get out the door as fast as we can for school. So, I have narrowed it down to these 3 that for now she allows me to do on her:
I love that these are quick, no fuss, great looking and once the hair has been cared for by Johnson's® NO MORE TANGLES®  the styles are easy to put together.
My favorite is this fishtail braid . It can look quite fancy and elaborate.
Here is a quick video that shows how easy it is to do

Leave it to  Johnson's® Baby, with over 100 years caring for our little ones is the most trusted name if baby care to solve my daughter's hair issues.  You have to always go to the experts!

We know that  pure, mild, gentle and clinically proven products made and formulated for children and their delicate hair is at the core of  Johnson's® Baby. This brand is indeed a brand rooted in science, and uses that knowledge and  over a century working with babies to deliver products that time and time again allow us to care for our children.
Johnson's® NO MORE TANGLES® Collection is available in food, drug and mass-market chain stores.   For more information about the brand and its products please visit: English  or the Spanish 

Now that we have had our trial run, and are loving the Johnson's® NO MORE TANGLES® line  I will be discovering and trying out all the ton of  styles and ideas  Johnson's® Baby has for us to be ready for the back to school morning rush!
I will go see if I can start practicing the bun for the ballet recitals
cool moms cool tips #nomoretangles trio regimen #ad
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Do you have a favorite style for the back-to -school routine?

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