Back to School In Style-Including Hair Cuts for Kids and Mom at Cartoon Cuts

This week we are in between enjoying the last official days of summer freedom and getting ready to back to school.  So the juggling begins...
As I mentally start going over checklists and preparing to get back into routines, I am sticking to one to do list of which I was missing crossing of: getting haircuts for the kids.  So we headed over to Cartoon Cuts who sponsors this post because this year we go back to school in style :-)  I am honest, I have passed by it a million times, and had never gone it.  I was blown away with the service.  It really is a fun place for haircuts!
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When we arrived it is very inviting and a happy place for kids.  Fun was definitively evident at the store, plus everything was clean and organized.  Toys in the waiting areas for children all ages were available.  There was even a tower with 3 screens.  The details were everywhere.  There was no doubt it was a place to get a hair cut with the less amount of stress possible.

As we were invited to our station, there too we found movie entertainment.  Very smart! 
cool moms cool tips #cartooncutscool4school cutting station

Our hair expert was Lilian, and I have to say she was amazing in every way.  Not only was she knowledgeable and accommodating, she exuded love, tenderness and warmth to the kids.  She was extremely patient with baby and me.  This is very important because my little man is shy and doesn't like people messing with his hair, much less when he had never seen them before.

To make it more interesting, my munchkin declared he wanted a Chinese hair cut.  Upon looking at the suggested styles, I choose a traditional clean cut, Cartoon Cuts calls it the "classic".  Lilian went on to explain my little one that the style I had chosen was indeed the Chinese one, and why.  Then she went on chit chatting with him about China.  I was wowed. She was genuinely interested in making her little customer feel comfortable and didn't miss a beat talking about what was interesting to him. Any other hair expert would have just brushed it off or leave me with an upset kid not getting what he wants.  It has happened to us before.  I was ready to take Lilian home with me!  Our demanding little customer decided it was time to watch a movie and requested a specific film.  She complied immediately.  Asked her colleagues how she could ensure what he wanted was on.  
Lilian was quick and efficient. In less than 20 minutes a perfect boy haircut was done.

cool moms cool tips #cartooncutscool4school before & after

Cartoon Cuts is geared toward kids in decor, but in reality it caters to families. 
Next on the agenda: mom's hair cut.  Since I was taking care of the kids, I realized I needed one myself.  I didn't plan on one, but once at Cartoon Cuts where mommy and me packages are available I jumped at the opportunity to take care of everyone in one stop.  A bit weary, I sat in the chair.  Vilma took care of me with the same care and attention my son received. She magically melted away my apprehension and stress away.  
cool moms cool tips #cartooncutscool4school mom

I got a mom hair cut, and couldn't be happier! Next time I am taking the kids for their haircut, I will try out the mom's "oh my, blow dry". The result is that I was able to take advantage of the family haircut plan and signed up fot  the loyalty program where our 12th haircut will be free.  I could have gone for paying for 5 haircuts in advance and received the 6th free too, if I wanted too.
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They are so caring at Cartoon Cuts, I was only fitting that they are prepared to give hair cuts to children with Autism.  They do understand that it can be a challenging and scary experience for an autistic child to have their hair cut. Here you get Cartoon Cuts  tips to prepare for a hair cut involving Autism.  They have thought of all kids.
If you are interested in supporting the "Locks for Love" program, Cartoon Cuts takes care of you too: if you donate 10" of your hair, you receive a free haircut from Tuesday to Thursday.
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In addition to that, you choose from these themes to host a party
Pretty Princess (hair, nail, make up, runway modeling and party favors)
Tropical Luau
Rockin Rock Star

Had I known, I would have definitively brought my little ones here for their first hair cut and beyond.  
cool moms c ool tips #cartooncutscool4scholl store

Cartoon Cuts has locations in Florida, Maryland, Virginia, Texas and Puerto Rico.  For more information on their services, the products they carry and how they manage hair cuts and autism, visit them at  or follow them on Twitter

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