Back to School Math Preparation - Giveaway

Back to school preparations are in full swing for many. Thinking subject and not supplies for a bit, we bring a great giveaway to enhance or improve math abilities and thinking.  Keep reading for details to win a great prize of 8 weeks math program.
Many careers require a mastery of mathematics and the ability to apply logic, critical thinking and creative reasoning. Unfortunately, most schools don’t teach students HOW to think logically or creatively. Instead the focus is on teaching to standardized tests that only require memorization of formulas and facts.
Luckily at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (IMACS), offers an alternative where your child can develop strong logic and reasoning skills used to solve complex problems
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IMACS IS NOT TUTORING! There is no rote learning, no dry concepts, and no drill-and-kill! The focus is on creating understanding of the essential tools used to solve interesting problems. For over 20 years IMACS has been giving children a competitive edge by teaching them HOW to think critically, how to solve problems, and how to use logic and reasoning. You can learn more about IMACS's Programs on Cori's Cozy Corner.
Want to have your child take a FREE placement class to see just what all the fun is about? Sign up now for a FREE PLACEMENT CLASS.

IMACS and Cori’s Cozy Corner are joining together with several other bloggers to bring readers this awesome giveaway of an 8 week class session to one of our lucky winners. Read below to see how to enter.
Good luck!

Please note that Cool Moms Cool Tips is not responsible for prize fulfillment

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