Back to School Ready for the Entire Family at #NordstrormRack...Well for Every Occasion Really

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If you have been reading me lately, you know that I totally procrastinated on the whole back to school affair.  We are off to a new school this year, and soon we had our parent orientation night (open hour or school night).  I had finally gotten around the school supplies.  I had yet to work on the clothes, so I set out to get it all done. off course I went directly to see my friends at  #NordstromRack where I always get my favorite designer brands at clearance prices - up to 70% off, I love that!  The Rack has for us the  fabulous finds from Nordstrom, and yes that includes top brands plus the latest trends.  To get and idea of what I would be hunting for I browsed a bit first at the all-new  I was loving what I saw: p
erfect!  I really  wanted to celebrate this new chapter our our family lives with something new and fun. Just to make it more interesting and celebrate new beginnings and great savings,  I gave myself a challenge.  I was going to get complete outfits for the kids and myself for $250 or under.  Was I going to be able to? 
 I started looking for the kids and I came up with this ensemble for our princess:

cool moms cool tips #nordstromrack girl outfit

I started off with the Jena &  Jessie top she picked out herself 

Jenna & Jessie Short Sleeve Anchor Top $13.97 ($18.99 - 26% Off)

I went searching for Kanz Knit leggings because those are the only ones our princess will wear.  I can totally understand why: they feel like PJ's!  She basically lives in them. Found them and added them to the look Kanz Knit Legging  $8.97 ($20.00 - -55% Off).
Then I totally scored when I found the adorable Blue Suede Shoes Jesco Back Netting T-Strap Sandal  fuchsia sandals at $9.97 ($20.00  50% Off).  These price tags set me at $32.91 for the outfit.   

My prince charming is more than back to school ready styling in this outfit, don't you think:

cool moms cool tips #nordstromrack boy outfit

Nordstrom 'Michael' Print Dress Shirt $12.97 ($39.50 -67% Off) I just had to get it with the little anchor print detail!  Perfect for any occasion in South Florida :-).  I matched that with a Tommy Hilfiger Jimmy  blue pair of pants  $16.97 ($29.5042% Off) and finished the look off with a pair of comfortable Nautica Plymouth Moccasin$19.97 ($35.00 - 43% Off)  The total for this look is $ 49.91
Almost done with the kids, just one more diva on my list to get ready.  This one was so easy with the "sets" tab available on the girl's section.  Two clicks and I was decided:

cool moms cool tips #nordstrom baby girl outfit
Hello Kitty Racerback Tank & Ruffle Skirt Set $14.97 ($38.00 - 61% Off)
 to go with comfortable  Shoes Of Soul Colorblock Perforated Slip-On Shoe  $14.97 ($32 - 53% off). I love the cute look!  Total for this selection is $29.94.  Basic easy math tells I saved $ $40 for this little girly girl's outfit.  I am happy as can be.  So far I have a total of only $82.82 on the kids.  

I still need to choose my outfit. With new arrivals added every day I was sure I would find something for myself despite being a bit particular :-)
I decided I would wear a dress.  That always makes it easier for me. I started off with the shoes.  There was so much to choose from, but after a long time I decided to go for this  Charles By Charles David Jana High Heeled Sandal $69.97 ($129.00-46% Off). Then I was left to the task of finding the dress to use with my shoes.  I had at least 6 options to choose from, but in the end I decided for a dress that would help me look thinner, and this Tahari model with the black solid sides I think does the trick.  The belt across as well helps give more of a shape for me.  What I love best of the dress is the 61% savings Nordstrom Rack has for me!  Here are the details of the dress: Tahari Sleeveless Jacquard Colorblock Sheath Dress $49.97 ($128.0061% Off)                                                                    

What do you think of this look?
My mom outfit goes for $119.94 instead of the original price tag $257.  

I almost went for a purse like this one, but I decided to use it as a base for my next shopping spree :-).

My grand total for kids and mom, comes our to $202.76.  I did it!  I met my goal.  Had I gotten this items at regular not discounted Nordstrom Rack prices my total would have been $ 519.93.  Purchases for the kids alone would have been $10 over my challenge budget!  In addition to the savings, I get free shipping because my order is over $100.  Of course, nothing beats the easy 90- day return policy.  Did you know order ship in 1-2 days?  They ship in the USA but also to Canada and Australia. 

I am so happy with my selections and savings.   It was easy putting the looks together.  I had fun.
What would you have chosen for your kids' back to school out fits or your school open house night?

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