El Yucateco Spices it Up with You! Time to Give your Recipes Some Habanero

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Summer calls for quick to prepare meals. But that can result in over use of your repertoire of easy but yummy recipes. You know what your family loves, and what they are willing to eat over and over again. If you have picky eaters, there is no way you are deviating from your go to menus. So, how about offering your family the same dishes they love with a Habanero twist? By this we are suggesting you #SauceOn with Hot Sauce your recipes!

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While it is true that when we think of hot sauce the main image that comes to mind is that of a painful red faced cartoon character that probably has ears that are smoking and the cartoon is running for water, hot is not necessarily that. There are different degrees of hot. A sauce can definitvely be hot, but the trick is finding the one that is big on flavor. EL Yucateco definitvely is bursting with flavor.
Sweetness, tartness, and acidity are are traits that can distinctively change the flavor to any dish simply by adding a touch of hot sauce to your recipes.

During one of my recent trips to Publix for #CollectiveBias, I found in the Ethnic aisle 3 different sauces by El Yucateco. All three came home with me for an experiment I was about to carry out on one of our favorite meals.

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We love enjoying a simple (and quick to make) pasta recipe that calls for pasta, tomatoes, basil and cheese. You can serve this warm or chilled which although gives me options to vary, it was not enough anymore. That is because; needless to say, we have been having this pasta dish way to many times this summer, and I am even loosing the excitement of being able to prepare such a fast meal that satisfies my family. So, you guessed it, I dressed it up in its most unexpected twist and added some El Yucateco Green sauce.
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The result was impressive! It really did the trick for us. So the next night (same pasta recipe) I brought out to the table the Red and the XXXTRA Hot Kutbil-ik botttles. The conclusion of this experiment is that I now have 3 new pasta dishes! Honestly, I like this dish now more than I did before. My pasta recipe is now more flavorful than ever

Confession: even though the XXXTRA Hot Kutbil-Ik sauce itself is only a notch hotter than the rest, a triple X plus a name that sounds like some type of powerful Mayan deity is impressive. At first I was shy. However, don't be fooled. It will surprise you in a good way.

I think next I am going to spice up our traditional "empanadas" or beef turnovers. No doubt it will be a total success!

Time for you to put El Yucateco to the test in your own kitchen. After revamping your recipes, if you need some inspiration, go browsing the site for El Yucateco, they have some excellent suggestions for you. Which of your favorite recipes will you enhance with these sauces?

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