Important Safety Tip on Acetaminophen - Manage Your Pain Responsible

Thanks to Tylenol we are bringing to you a topic we did not know about, and now want to spread the news on.
Always on the go, always moving, bending, jumping, reaching and contorting for our kids our mom backs suffer much.  Injuries, exercising and other factors can also be the culprits of back pain.  I can say from experience, motherhood has given my back pain. It is minor, but it is there, and I never had it before.

Truth of the matter is no one wants to endure any type of pain.  Particularly, as parents, back pain can be a big block in the way of our mom routines, needs, or the way we just enjoy time with our families.  I want to rid myself from pain quick, and for that I trust Tylenol.  It does contain Acetaminophen.  I never thought about its contents.  I just took it and was happy to have my pain disappear.

Tylenol is not the only medication to contain Acetaminophen.  Actually over 600 OTC or over the counter drugs contain it too.  Here is where it gets important to have information: an ingesting Acetaminophen at an excess of one dose a day can hinder your liver.  Not knowing can have critical consequences.

Please consider this important message:


The longer we live with our back pain, the more we get to know it: what movements we can tolerate, what activities we can do, and how far we can go.  We can also quickly determine what works best to manage, control or dissipate our pain.  What if you need more help?  What is you are treating pain and something else?
A key point to always consider is that regardless of how well we know our pain, if we use Acetaminophen to deal with our back pain, we truly need to keep in mind this message as we take steps to relieve our back pain: take only one medicine at a time containing acetaminophen.

Moms know that back pain can start before kids arrive.  During pregnancy changes in our bodies start early on to  set us on a path to quell pains.  The first trimester seems to call for  pressure headaches. Relief usually is granted by taking Acetaminophen, as indicated by doctors.  As pregnancy progresses, it is all about the back pain. Yes, you are getting ready for labor, and your body keeps changing, plus it has been a while that you are carrying extra weight that adds on every month.  Again, Acetaminophen is usually the way to ease the pain.   From there on, you are bending to pick up your new born more than you ever bent before.  You are constantly crouching or getting down to baby's level as she starts crawling, walking and as you have to start admonishing.  Constantly your back is working over time.  You bend over, pick up baby and go about you day using your back as support.  No wonder we have these back pains!

We have no time to loose, and can't let our pains slow us down.

As we live with our back pain, we start to learn about it, and how to manage it. Just never forget the rule Tylenol brings to the forefront for us - only one medication with Acetaminophen at a time.  You can visit a specific website the brand has created to inform us about this
What if you are managing your back pain and you catch a cold from the kids?  Same rule applies. We need to always keep in mind that we can only take one medicine at a time that contains Acetaminophen.
In reality, this  applies for the entire family, so be mindful of the ingredients of the different medications you are dealing with. Read your labels to keep as healthy as you possibly can.  It makes no sense to try and alleviate a pain when you are inadvertently  hurting your organs.  Better read and be educated than sorry later.
If in doubt, check you medicines with this useful tool at the Tylenol site.

As with all medications you might take, consult with your physician what works best for you. 

Let's practice responsible pain relief when taking Acetaminophen.
This has really taken me by surprise.  Did you know about taking one medication with Acetaminophen a a time?
Here's to your health and to a pain free motherhood!

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