Powerful Nyne Portable Speaker- Tested and Reviewed: Take and Share Your Music

We received a NYNE Multimedia Inc Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker  for review, but all opinions shared are our own.  Nyne is small compact, and with overall good looks.  Ours is green and black.
cool moms cool tips nyne portable speaker fits anywhere

So we set our to test this speaker.  We have to say that we are loving this small but powerful speaker!  it is simply amazing and convenient. I was taken aback when I discovered I could answer the phone with the speaker.
cool moms cool tips nyne speaker detail

The size is perfect to travel with us everywhere. It comes with an accessory that allows for you to clip it on pretty much to anything you can think of. That being said, it might be geared towards teens, but far from one, I am carrying this speaker everywhere.
cool moms cool tips nyne portable speaker at beach

The sound quality is great, and like I said powerful. It was crystal clear, and never did it break or fade away. We managed a great beach party with it. Best part of all was that the sand dusted off very easily. I was a bit concerned sand would be stuck in every nook, cranny and the actual speaker holes. Nothing to report.
The battery lasts what seems for hours! Knowing it is so easy to recharge gives me so much less to remember.  I won't hear it form the kids.
Keep in mind, I am not the tech kind but using this Nyne speaker and connecting it has been a breeze.

We love that we can connect it to all of our devices: iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets. The cordless capability makes it easy to take around, but also good for our cordless home. The design fits pretty much all styles and it is more on the sleek minimalist side.
cool moms cool tips nyne portable speaker at home
I would love to try the next size speaker just to compare, but I have all I need with this amazing speaker. We are set to share all our music on the go or at home.
Now that we have tested it through and through our tween has claimed it as his own and it goes everywhere with him.  If you are interested in one of these powerful portable speakers, you can find them  at Amazon.com in the Nyne page available for $49.95 
cool moms cool tips nyne speaker tween

Have you experienced the sound of a Nyne speaker? Would you like to enjoy easy portable music to share?

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