Welcome to the 305 IKEA Miami!

If we waited any longer I think we would move over to our dreams and start living in our Ikea perfect rooms
The eager and anxious wait has been over!!! IKEA is opening in Miami on August 27th!
We have chased the cafecito (coffee) stations all over Miami, the Glass truck and stalked our the different events in town like the one at the Dominos Park in Little Havana or the Chalk Art Exhibition.  We tweeted, blogged and finally the wait is over.  We are so happy about our new neighbor.
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Last Wednesday we attended the media tour and enjoyed the fabulous hospitality of IKEA staff who welcomed us to a trio of  Swedish-American-Floridian flags, a delicious meal spread right from the Ikea food section and then a discovery of the new store.
cool moms cool tips ikea reception

Selfishly I took it as a pre-birthday celebration for little moi, with the magnificent dessert bar that was laid out.  This sweet tooth was in heaven!!  wink, wink.
cool moms cool tips ikea food

All what we love from Ikea will be there for us waiting: the great prices, ideas and handy gadgets.
Family first is very prevalent throughout and you can enjoys the small space suggestion rooms like this one 
cool moms cool tips ikea miami apartment

 But we all know or will be getting to know IKEA very well in the 305.  so instead of sharing more about this have it all store, how about I share with you what they have in store for us starting tomorrow to get us in total celebration mode:

Wednesday August 27th:
-First 39 adults to enter the store will take home for free an EKTORP sofa.
- the next 100 guests will take with them a  POÄNG chair for free.
- the first 100 kids under 18 in the line will get to hug the IKEA heart plus all the way home.
- The first 2,500  adults to visit the store will be handed envelopes with gift cards from $10 to $250, BOGO coupons or free food items like hot dogs or frozen yogurt cones.
- If your birthday is on August 27th, you will  be able to claim a gift cart of $30.50 another nod to our 305 area code. 
Thursday August 28th:
- a SULTAN HALLEN mattress to the first 39 adults! 
- the next 100 adults will receive free delivery for all what they purchase that day at the store 
Friday August 29th:
- How about free meatballs for an entire year?  that is what the first 39 adults ot the store will be getting on Fiday
- The next 100 guests will be receive an emblematic IKEA food bag and a gift certificate to fill it up with their heart's desire from the food department
- the next 305 guests will be treated to a delicious frozen yogurt cone
- kids 12 and under will eat for free on Friday 
- From August  27th to the 31st, everyone who visits IKEA can be entered to the raffle of 10  $450 Gift Cards via the IKEA family program  
- From August 27th until September 1st many family activities will be at the store for our enjoyment (face painters, musicians, and many other activities)  
cool moms cool tips ikea miami outdoor

So are you finally ready to walk into IKEA Miami? I know I am I desperately need to finally have a proper office and my backyard is in need of some outdoor furniture and accessories.

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