How To Do a Braid Holiday Hair Style for Girls

The holidays are upon us.  We are very excited about  all the get-together, posadas, novenas, and great family gatherings we are about to have!  of course the princesses in my life are looking forward to it also because it is the time to dress up.  This means that I need to think ahead about the perfect hair styles to go with their more elegant attire.  As much as I love our perfect style for school which you can read about here, I  need something more sophisticated looking.  Definitvely something just as quick and easy to put together. As we have been using JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® routine, their now shiny hair is manageable. Tangles dissolve easily, so styling is a fun affair for all!

cool moms cool tips No More Tangles Regimen

the exclusive JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® 3 step regimen has really made a difference for us.  After we use the shampoo and conditioner, the hair is easy to manage.  Wild frizz is a thing of the past thanks to the NO MORE TANGLES® Leave- in conditioner.   Our favorite is of course the NO MORE TANGLES® detangling spray.  It takes care of stubborn tangles left after using the shampoo and conditioner. No more tears, no more fears and lots of smiles from my princesses when I comb their hair!   Plus it strengthens the hair.  Using the ritual has improved th queality of the hair.  I think the nourishing aspects of the products really have made a difference in how shiny, maneageble and healthy looking it is.  Using this 3 - step regimen allows for us 
Now that styling something we all look forward to, I have been playing around with some ideas for fast and beautiful styles that will complement the dresses, the celebrations and the non- stop active life on my girls.  These girls need to be photo perfect even after hours of playing tag or ridding bikes.
So, we are settling for the braids we love so much.  This time we are going for a knotted braid.
Here are the steps for it:

1-  Part full head of hair in two and make a regular braid on each side of the head

cool moms cool tips No More Tangles Holiday Styles for Girls step 1

2- Get the two braids and tie them loosely together at the nape.  For longer hair, go ahead and make more that one knot.

cool moms cool tips No More Tangles Holiday Styles for Girls step 2

3- You can either hide the ends with pins, or use one big pin to hold them in place like we did.  This will also secure the braid "bun" at the nape.  Adding pins to the bun is optional.

cool moms cool tips no tangles styles for girls step 3

And done!  A beautiful braid updo perfect for play and picture perfect!

For more inspiration and ideas, please visit Johnson's You Tube Baby videos as well as follow the #NoMoreTangles hashtag to see more holiday hair suggestions.

Do you have a favorite hair style for your girl's holiday celebrations?

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