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As the countdown to Christmas is in full swing, eating, hosting, and taking something to a party is in the minds of many. Getting together around food is not hard, and as the “gourmet” culture expands, we have to think about recipes and ingredients that will still manage to make us happy. When we saw this, we mean we are looking to fulfill this list of requirements:

• Easy to use
• Not time-consuming
• Easy to make beautiful items with
• And of course, yummy!
It doesn’t hurt if we add that is should be organic and free of any trans-fats.

It seems that there is an American company that for years has been committed to giving us healthy, convenient, premium quality vegetarian, and vegan and kosher foods. We are talking about The Fillo Factory, and its wide range of great products.

In particular we experienced The Fillo Factory Mini Fillo Shells to not only have a check for every one of our required points above, but also our nice-to have ones.

The shells come in two sizes, so depending upon your needs you have options, which is always a good thing.

We love the mini ones because it makes for an adorable presentation, plus you measure better how much you are eating (in case you are watching what you eat).

It seems that the only limitation to use the Mini Fillo Shells is your creativity and originality. Fruits, cheeses, pates, cream cheese, every dessert filling, dip; we can probably make a never ending list of ingredients to load the shells with. The shells are pre-baked and ready to use, so you have additional flexibility. There are 15 mini shells to a box. These can be fantastic for snacks, appetizers, desserts, and breakfast. How about these ideas for breakfast:

• You can fill them with yogurt and top them with berries.
• How about some scrambled eggs topped with cheese? These you would have to bake.
• Cream cheese, salmon and a caper? Some have bagels this way for breakfast, so why not.

Our panel of mom testers ran wild with creating Hors D’oevres and desserts. We tried the company’s recommendation for the savory recipe:

Appetizer Blue cheese cups
Combine the following in a food processor:
8 oz. blue cheese,
8 oz. cream cheese,
1/2 cup heavy cream,
And 1/2 teaspoon pepper
Just before serving, garnish with apple slices and walnut pieces.

This recipe makes 45 mini shells.

Being in South Florida, a natural idea for our dessert was to load the shells with Key Lime pie filling and top them off with whipped cream. Too cute! Not to mention, delicious. The mini shells are the perfect bite size really.

It is your turn to The Fillo Factory Mini Shells! We are giving away 2 boxes of shells (your choice of mini’s or large ones) to a single winner.

Enter our giveaway by telling us what you would use the shells for, and if you have a recipe, do share!

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Giveaway ends on January 15th, midnight EST.
Winner will be contacted via e-mail and will have 48 hours to reply or new winner will be chosen.

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