It is the Big Dipper for Moms and Toddlers. Meet The Baby Dipper Bowl GIVEAWAY CLOSED

This is entirely a different type of bowl. It is one that has its inception in making life easier for Mom, created by a mom of 2 sets of twins, no less. I can imagine Barbara Schantz needed some help. Instead she has solved her feeding issues and contributes to all moms with her brilliant idea: the Baby Dipper bowl, a unique set of bowl and spoon.

For us the WOW factor of this minimalist-looking bowl is the “no mess” result of feeding or self-feeding by toddlers! I know it is hard to believe, but it is very true. With so many busy moms out there, the Baby Dipper bowl is good help. Who has time or energy to clean up big production feeding messes? Who wants to deal with them, for that matter? I for one, don’t. So, the Baby Dipper bowl is my little, ex-super-messy eater’s new eating buddy!

Let me give you more details on the Baby Dipper bowl:

1. It was designed so only one hand is really needed to feed a baby. That means that you have a free hand which gives a little more flexibility on feeding styles, to hold on to baby, use a toy so food gets in baby’s mouth or avert the hand that always lands on the spoon creating a big splash of food.

2. It is a blue triangular-shaped bowl that, like a pool, has a shallow and a deep end. Our panel of tester moms concluded that this was the best feature since it makes it effortless to scoop the food onto the spoon plus feed to the last drop (or bite) without having to tilt the bowl. Also, the spoon rests easily on the bowl thanks to the deeper end. Additionally, it is see-through enough that you can see how much food is still left to eat.

3. The Baby Dipper bowl has a non-slip base that blends very nicely with the blue body of the bowl. This base is the key to preventing baby’s bowl from moving all over the place when you are trying to scoop up food, a great point for little ones learning to feed on their own. This base trumps over a suction-like base because it makes it easier for clean-up once you are done with the feeding (i.e. no leftover messes when trying to un-stick the suction plates).

4. My personal favorite is the spoon that comes in the set (yes, it is a set of bowl and spoon). The shape of it is easy on big and smaller hands, the scooping capability is quite generous (looks are deceiving), and it is a two-tone spoon that helps stimulate baby. The grip, which is yellow, is made out of a gummy-like material.

5. It is phthalate-free and lead-free.

6. The Baby Dipper bowl must be hand-washed, which I’d rather do than cleaning up the very artistic messes I had to before the Baby Dipper bowl came into our lives.

7. The bowl holds up to 4 oz. of food (we are looking forward to largers ones!).

This set would be a great practical baby shower or new baby gift, not to mention as a Christmas gift. The packaging is very nice and it is ready for gift-giving.

Let us help you with your eating chaos. Barbara has offered a Baby Dipper bowl for two of our Cool Moms Cool Tips readers

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