An Indulgent Affair that is Great for the Mind, Body, Soul and Planet.

For centuries we have know that reading not only broadens the mind, but also takes you places. One glance at the Pharmacopia labels and we were instantly taken to an apothecary in the South of France that produces the best quality products from natural ingredients grown in their own backyard. The shopping experience was wonderful. The owners gave us every detail of how they labor with expertise and care for their products. They took their time, and gave us reasons as to why they chose certain ingredients….then the trip was cut short when the wine we were sipping ran out…..
Pharmacopoeia is literally, the art of the drug compounder. One look at the PHARMACOPIA product line, and you start not only day dreaming, but also getting the sense that someone really took the time to think what ingredients to put into the product for you. That is exactly how it started, and how it happens: After leaving her job as a graphic designer due to a muscle disorder, Lisa Levin began searching for a cure in nature. When she couldn’t find one readily available, she started mixing her own, and in doing so, she developed natural therapeutic products.

So, what is Pharmacopia? It is a complete line of natural and organic body care.
If we are constantly looking for ways to help the environment, eat healthier, exercise and care for our face with all types of creams and brands, so we should with our bodies.

Full of powerful herbs and botanical ingredients that address some of daily nuisances, like essential oils that combat stress/ tension, lavender that calms, or ginger that enhances the immune system; Pharmacopia prides itself in offering us products we can indulge our body and soul in.

These wonderful products are:
• Free of dangerous chemicals
• Made with certified organic products
• Paraben free
• Contains no sulfates, propylene glycol, disodium EDTA or phthalates.
• 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan
• All around good for people AND the planet

There is a wide range of Pharmacopia body products to make your favorite. If you are interested in getting to know them quicker they offer a Body Basics’ starter kit that takes you on a tour of their custom herbal blends

Our panel of moms sampled them, (Herbal Lip Elixir, Rosemary Bath Soak, Citrus Body Wash, and Lavender Body Lotion) and the consensus is that:
1. The smooth and comfortable results on the skin after applying Pharmacopia products are marvelous and immediate.
2. The fantastic textures of the products are reminiscent of a luxurious spa.
3. The fragrances give a one of a kind well-being sensation.

The absolute favorite of the group is the Herbal Lip Elixir. First the packaging is very original as to how to get the product out: you don’t do it from the bottom as you normally would, but near the top of the container, which was fun and different. Then the Chamomile-Tangerine fragrance clearly tells your senses something good is coming. As you apply it on, the product is smooth and you can start feeling the soothing effects almost instantaneously. Another great plus is that the container is see- through, so you always know how much of this wonderful elixir you can count on. Bottom line, it works very well on chapped lips and has a great feel on the lips.

Another great product we tested was the Citrus body wash, which just as it name tells the citrusy fragrance is just right to start the clean feel! It is very gentle, and the texture of the wash is like a silk glove. The best quality? Your skin is not only clean, it is also soft, smooth and feeling comfortable because as the Citrus body wash does not have cheap detergent ingredients, your skin will never be dry or taught on this products’ account!.

We also wanted to tell you about the Bath Soak better known as bath salts. Now this was my personal favorite. This therapeutic soak works two-fold:
-to “draw out impurities and leave skin moisturized:
-to relax sore muscles.

Oh my! it was, to me, rejuvenating, calming, and life-saving! What a wonderful way to re-group and take care of my body. The soak we tested had a rosemary fragrance that relaxed me, and transported me to what I envision would have been the perfect pamper session at a healthy spa. I even think I gained some mental clarity in the process, now that is value for your money :-)

Cool Moms Cool Tips agrees that Pharmacopia is the perfect combination of great natural and organic body care that continuously contributes to the well-being of people and the earth.
The company is committed not only to delivering its product promises to Consumers, but also to undertaking organic practices. An example of this is that they signed and comply with the Compact for Safe Cosmetics (a written commitment to making products that meet or exceed current European Union standards which are much stricter than those in the USA) where they are not to include chemicals that are known to cause—or strongly suspected of causing—cancer, mutations or birth defects.

Pharmacopia is offering a Cool Moms Cool Tips reader the opportunity to experiences their products.   Join in on the opportunity to win their Body Basics Gift set so you can experience all the products we did!  The set valued at $25 approx. contains:
-2oz Organic Citrus Body Wash for Skin and Scalp – gently foaming cleanser for body and hair which doubles as a wonderful bubble bath, with invigorating aromas of tangerine, grapefruit and neroli essential oils
• 2oz Organic Lavender Body Lotion – brimming with deeply hydrating nourishers like wheat germ and avocado oils, making it a super-hydrating after-sun treatment or relaxing massage lotion; contains soothing essential oils of lavender and roman chamomile .
• Organic Shea Butter Herbal Lip Elixir – twice the size of most balms and formulated with super-healers like hemp and pomegranate oil along with fair-trade shea butter; essential oils of tangerine and chamomile.
• 6 oz Rosemary Bath Salts – created with essential oils of rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus, this anti-inflammatory and decongesting soak helps relieve sore joints, muscle aches and arthritis.
Plus our box included a n eco- friendly bamboo scrubby puff!

To enter the giveaway, please go visit Pharmacopia and tell us what other products you would like to experience.

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