Natural, Organic and Yummy! Did Your Little One Have Their Little Duck Organics Today?

Yes, I have a very picky eater, and as much as I try to feed him healthy foods, and try the green organic path, we always end in crackers, cookies, and some other unmentionables in order to make sure he gets some calories in.
This finicky eater does not snack and hates being served fruit. We are constantly on the look out for new tricks and foods that might be our miracle saver!

As committed as we are to healthy eating, this very stubborn and rebellious child breaks us down, and we give in.

Now we are happy to give in, well at least with the snack part. We are delighted to share with you something that is, and delivers, what we, on the onset of feeding our child, wanted to achieve: healthy eating habits.

We are happy to report that our little one did not just eat, but gobbled up with much enjoyment an entire bag of Little Duck Organics with not coercions or special antics to get baby to eat! Bit after bit, the bag disappeared between laughter and “look at me eat mom” proud moments. Woo hoooo thank you Little Duck Organics!
Now, you know this is something we are happy to rave about. Healthy, flavorful, delicious, natural, organic and good for the entire family, everything we discovered is above par and extraordinary. Recently were very fortunate to experience Little Duck Organics, organic freeze dried fruit. Not just any dried fruit, this natural snack is one prepared specially for little fingers. The fruit is conveniently diced into small cubes that make eating and manipulation of them very easy for our smaller snackers…. well, any size fingers really, I couldn’t stop munching on them (confession, but baby did get to eat his own bag – promise). They are full of flavor, tart enough and absolutely scrumptious. It almost melts in your mouth. We like to think of them as the marvelously great baby delicacy.

We have uncovered time and time again that products created by parents are not only the answer to a real need, but are truly fantastic. Little Duck Organics is definitively not the exception. They are outstanding! Concerned about all the sugar, additives and preservatives, these now entrepreneurial parents, present us with an amazing all natural healthy baby snack alternative.

There are 3 ingenious fruit combinations to choose from:


We thought it was a clever way to give kids a little of what they know and love like, for example, apple and at the same time, introduce new exotic flavors to them, like Mango! Fantastic! Be on the look out as there are more delicious flavors to come, just in time to celebrate summer which is around the corner. We can’t wait to experience them!

Besides snacking, you can use this little wonder snack as an appetizers for your little foodie. Splendid, simply fabulous!

Little Duck Organics fruit is packaged in a chic, convenient, and easy to carry 1 ounce resealable bag that safe-guards freshness.

Additionally, the product is USDA certified and QAI certified organic (Quality Assurance International).

Something else we appreciate is the fact that the bag truly is full to the brim, so you are getting your money’s worth in dried fruit.

No recycle stamp on the bag? Not to worry, the company is committed to an all around integral green ideology. This means that the bags are indeed recyclable, as well as all the packaging materials used to ship out these organic and natural yummy fruit. Yes, the company is concerned with contributing positively to a good planet earth for all of us, for years to come. If you are looking to get into the green path, remember every step we take to changing our lifestyle and habits counts, and these snacks definitively do contribute in more ways than one!
These will soon be a basic item in every mom’s special bag of tricks. Who wouldn’t want these! This little one won't let go!!

Wanting to be a good world citizen, Little Duck Organics is not stopping at being green. They also have a program that aims at eradicating child malnutrition and hunger, so they are pairing up with a couple of organization to do just that. Bravo!

This is an all out great company that delivers on their promises, and helps us give our little ones the very best, while it lets us as parents contribute not only to their well being and the planet’s but also to others with empty stomachs. We definitively feel proud to be using Little Duck Organics, tiny organic snack for tiny fingers (and their families ;-) )
Super generous Little Duck Organics is offering a set of 3 packs of their great snacks to Two (2) Cool Moms! To win your set, please tell us what type of fruit is your child’s favorite, and tell us what you like the best about them after visiting their website.

Can’t wait to win them? Buy them at

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