An Original Luxurious Chocolate Find: Duets Truffles- Perfect for Mother's Day!

Duets is the new double filled truffle line of the Madelaine Chocolate company. With a true touch of genius, vast experience and a passion for chocolates that the firm shows through in all of their products, including their latest creation, we have had the privilege to discover the fabulous Duets.

Truly all of the senses are presented extraordinary pleasure with Duets. Focusing on sight and taste, let’s begin:

The packaging was beautiful, and we really felt we were getting a real special treat. The presentation of the individual truffles is also luxurious, plus the size of these truffles is big and generous.

Then comes the best part of all: the tasting

When we tasted the chocolate, the special treatment went up a million notches!

As you can imagine, the first thing that is experimented is the milk chocolate which is not your ordinary one. It is creamy and not as sweet or sugary as what you might be used to. Superb!

Then comes the filling discovery.

The Duets Truffles come in these flavor combinations:

• Peanut Butter & Caramel

• Milk Truffle & White Truffle

• Raspberry & Peanut Butter

• Raspberry & White Truffle

Madelaine gives us some details on the pairing of flavors: "We experimented with the finest ingredients and numerous flavor combinations to find the perfect flavor harmony. The raspberry could not be too tart or too sweet or it would overpower the peanut butter. At the same time, we needed a buttery caramel that would enhance the flavor of the creamy smooth peanut butter. And of course the milk and white truffle had to be perfectly balanced."

Quite simply the mixture of two different flavors is scrumptious and lush. It delivers a powerful, pleasurable savor impression.

The result of the way this perfect chocolate shell melts in your mouth, and the flavors combination is absolutely fabulous and enriching for the senses and soul. Your taste buds will be on a good cheerful high long after you have enjoyed your Duets and you will be smiling for just as long too!

A little presumptuous on our part, being that the company has proven their brilliance by creating Duets, we can’t help but wonder how fantastic an orange or mint product will be if it comes out of their factory….. as you can see, your imagination gets set on discovery and creativity as you pamper yourself with the already wonderful flavors Duets offers us.

Mother’s day is around the corner, and this will be a sure shot to make all moms blissful while you treat them to a delicacy journey of lavish enjoyment. Experience smooth and creamy Duets for yourself and make others grateful and happy you thought of them.

Go ahead, indulge, share, enjoy, give perfect flavor harmony! Duets now available at Walmart and

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