Natural Skincare Solutions is called derma e®

We want to preserve our young looks. We do so early on with all kinds of products in hopes of contributing to a wonderful looking skin at any age, and as we age, a skin that says we are younger than we are.

Add to this the age related concerns such as pimples in our teens or dryness as we mature.

Now, think about the obvious, skin is the largest organ in the human body, and the human body is, well, natural. It just seems that a natural bodycare skincare is exactly what we need.

Natural Skincare Solutions derma e® is a family owned and operated company dedicated to bringing us products made with natural and certified organic ingredients which effectively address our skin concerns. Since 1984 derma e® has been giving us cruelty-free Vegan Paraben-free Eco-friendly products that are A salon skin treatment alternative. Great! But how good are they? Some of the more recent accolades they have received include:

• Best Skincare Products for 2009 Awarded by Whole Foods Magazine
• Best Anti-Aging Product Awarded by Better Nutrition Magazine (2009)
• Editor’s Pick Award Awarded by Natural Solutions Magazine (2009)

But when the company is getting recognized not only for superb products, but also for being an outstanding citizen of the planet, we like to toot the horn for them too: congratulations on the Green Patriot Green 100 awarded by Freedom Press Publishing and given to derma e® for organic leadership, green entrepreneurial organization, and global sustainability!

If you were looking for a green skincare company, keep in mind that derma e® in trying to lessen their environmental impact the firm manufactures its products with wind energy and has an in-office conservation program plus a recycling program.

What does this mean for our skin? Going back to the skincare line, beautiful, healthy, youthful skin and hair are now within reach thanks to potent curative and renewing properties that the derma e® products deliver. Their have award winning formulas and not so by chance, as derma e® carefully monitors each batch to ensure that we receive the finest natural and organic skincare time and time again.  We found that derma e® natural skincare offers effective solutions at every level, for every need, and for every wish. Within derma e®’s family of products you will find, for example:

• Fruit smothee facial cleanser to fight the first signs of aging
• Peptides Plus® Wrinkle Reverse Crème for mature skin
• Advanced Vitamin E Dry Skin Therapy also recommended for men
• Tea Tree and E Face and Body Wash
• Cleansing Enzyme Mask
• Clear Vein® Crème Spider Vein/Bruise Solution

Because we are very excited about their products, and they have an extensive product line for us to take care of ourselves with, we will be talking to you in a 3 part series about a few derma e® products to help you get to know a company that continuously works with you and your skin in mind. There is a giveaway involved, so do follow the progression!

To start our series, let’s discover two products that will make you see and feel a real difference:

     Product: derma e® Microdermabrasion scrub.
     Claim: Immediately improves your skin’s appearance by utilizing a crystal blend system to remove           dead cells in a safe and effective formula
     Usage: The recommendation is to use this product twice a week.

Cool Mom test results: The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand and apply. A small amount of product goes along way! Using the product might give you the sensation that you are being rough with your skin even if you are being gentle, but that is what you are supposed to feel. Results are visible almost instantaneously the skin becomes smoother and softer. Right after the first use, you see an improvement on skin tone and radiance too. Because it is an exfoliator, Microdermabrasion scrub eliminates dead cells and impurities, so the now very clean skin does look clearer and brighter. Blemishes definitively become under control or disappear after a few uses. This scrub also helps reduce acne scars although we did not purposely test for this. As for the wrinkles, there is no doubt, it not a mirage, they do start to erase! We can’t think of anyone that can’t appreciate the beauty in that! It is an awesome exfoliator, period. And when you can do it at a fraction of the price that you would pay for other brands, why hold back?

       Product: derma e® Pycnogenol Moisturizing creme.
     Claim: Diminishes appearance of lines and wrinkles thanks for pycnogenol, an antioxidant.
     Usage: This moisturizes is to be used morning and night on a clean skin.

Cool Mom test results: Fist of all, no one knew what pycnogenol was. Being the main ingredient, and the name of the product, we though it would be important to share that this ingredient is a powerful antioxidant extracted from pine bark which can also be found in some dietary supplements. When we hear antioxidants, joyful anti-aging bells start ringing, and the ringing is happier and louder when we know it is a natural ingredient, that just does it!

The scent of the product is so light that you can barely smell it. The texture is luscious and it almost feels good to eat. This product was wonderful on the sensitive skins in our mom testing group, and all reported no negative after effects from using the cream. Normal to dry skins benefit the most from this moisturizer which is not greasy of leaves no icky impression on the skin. The immediate feeling is of complete comfort and smooth finish. In time, skin felt as if it was regaining elasticity and looked healthier altogether. We are happy to report some fine lines have begun to soften after 3 weeks of use. At this rate we are ready to experience a face a transformation taking us to great skin heights!

As you can read, the benefits to the skin are palpable right from the start, and you don’t have empty your bank account to take care of yourself with powerful Derma e® ®

Thanks to the generosity of derma e®, one of you will win each of the products we reviewed here today.

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