Natural Skincare Solutions is Called derma e® Part III

We loved it when we read derma e® uses scientifically proven natural ingredients in effective amounts to provide noticeable results, and then we fell in love when they help us go eco-friendly by being so committed to being green.

Additionally, the company donates to several programs such as the Paraguay Project.

To catch up on our series click here for part one, and here for part two.
Now, for our third and final part of our derma e® series, we will focus on two different products:

     Product: derma e® Flash Relief
     Claim: Eases symptoms associated with hormonal changes such as hot flashes.
     Usage: To be used at night on soft skin areas (upper chest and thighs).

Cool Mom test results: This treatment has a light texture that is rich and fabulous to the touch. Absorption is quick but its effects are long-lasting. As it names indicates very quickly the coolness takes over. It does have a pleasant and slight hint of herbs mixed with menthol at first. Later the fragrance is more lavender, a natural ingredient known for its calming properties. Flash Relief really makes justice to its claim of being a cooling and calming cream. What we liked the most was that it did not make us wait to feel its effectiveness. We think you can also use this products to refresh yourself in a hot humid day too, why not? We will be trying it soon!

     Product: derma e® Tropical Solutions Facial Cleansing Gel
     Claim: Cleanses, revives and invigorates.
     Usage: On damp face and neck. Needs to be rinsed.

Cool Mom test results: The fragrance of the cleanser is fantastic, despite being the same pineapple-papaya combination we were not so fond of for the moisturizer which belongs to the same family. Although no foam is present during the cleansing moment, it is almost refreshing to use. Like a re-birth of the skin. The skin is smooth and powdery soft to the touch and it feels very comfortable which surprised us because we were expecting a taught feeling from a thick gel. All skin types used and agreed on this last point.

As you have discovered with us, derma e® gives us reliable products that allows us to enjoy green in the environment and at the bank. Their ample range has a solution for every one. Proof of that, is the following partial list:

• Premium anti-aging
• Nature’s firming agent
• Deep Hydration
• First signs of aging
• The original antioxidant
• The skin vitamin
• Spa- perfect exfoliation
• Nature’s first aid
• Skinbiotics

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