Natural Skincare Solutions is Called derma e® Part II

Welcome to part number 2 of our derma e® series!

We told you on our previous post on derma e® that they are easy on our budget while providing noticeable results. To view our full review click here.

derma e® products contain:
• Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients.
• Ingredients sourced from environmentally friendly farms that practice sustainable agriculture.
• Organic ingredients whenever possible.
• 100% recyclable packaging.

This time we will be talking about 3 more products tested by Cool Moms. We are focusing on moisturizers to give you and idea on how these products cater to different needs and skin types. Here they are:

     Product: derma e® Tropical Solutions Intensive Serum.
     Claim: Deeply nourishes skin
     Usage: To be used morning and night on a clean skin.

Cool Mom test results: Tropical fragrance is too strong. Too pineapple for this groups’ taste. The serum feels sticky as soon as it is applied on the skin, but quickly it is absorbed and the sticky feeling is replaced by comfort and there is a tingling sensation (very light sensation) that tells you the serum is working. As time progresses, the skin feels softer and softer, and this is with the first use!

If you need a treatment for your skin, this will definitively supply the solution you seek as in combination with your moisturizer you will find in a week’s time that your skin becomes smoother, and you definitively will feel that you have provided your face with something extremely healthy (that is how we describe the nourishment feeling).

Although this serum is recommended for oily skin, the normal skins in the group felt comfortable as they used this product.

     Product: derma e® Age-Defying Night Creme.
     Claim: Deep moisture that reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
     Usage: To be used at night after cleansing and toning skin

Cool Mom test results: It seems this crème reduced puffiness in some skins. It is definitively rich and comforting to the skin. Fast to absorb it’s smells reminded testers of a spa. Thanks to its renewing properties, the mom panel started to see a slight reduction of wrinkles. These pertained to fine lines. Also, there was a generalized improvement to skin texture and soupleness to the skin. A few testers claim to have started experiencing some renewal firmness. We are very curious to see the results at the end of week 3. Drawing conclusions, we can easily wind up by saying that this cream addresses all the basic concerns of mature skins, don’t you agree?

     Product: derma e® DMAE Alpha Lipoic C-Ester Creme.
     Claim: Tightens, tones and hydrates the skin
     Usage: To be used morning and night on a clean skin

Cool Mom test results: Without being experts on the derma e® line, we are inclined to say that this cream complements the night cream perfectly. It is a very light and powerful cream. So light it can pass for a lotion. After absobtion you are left with a silky smooth sensation that gives way to perfectly moisturized skin that is comfortable. We noted it’s smell is a bit pharmaceutical and serious. Before going forth a few words on of the components in its name:
-DMAE: helps reduce facial sag and firms the skin
-Alpha Lipoic Acid: an antioxidant
-Ester –C: stimulates the production of collagen (needed for skin tone and elasticity).
The combination of all three ingredients is done to obtain maximum results of each of their independent actions.

After a few days of use, our mom testers begun to indicate they were discovering a new plumpness in their face which we translated into regained elasticity. A week into the testing, some participants observed firmer skin. With plump, firmer and more elastic skin came along filling of wrinkles not only in the face, but also in the neck. That is powerful and welcomed!

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