Organically Grown is a Way of Life that Delivers Great Products and Satifying Feelings

It is rewarding every time we experience great finds for our children. Here is another wonderful company we want to share with you: Organically Grown.

The more we hear about organic, the more we learn that everything we do for the planet contributes immensely to its healthy future.
Then we heard about organic clothes, and after a little investigating found out how much using organic clothes makes a positive impact on the Earth.
Organically Grown, produces their clothes line from organic cotton which is grown with, safe, pesticide-free methods. This is key if you think about the fact that conventional cotton absorbs chemicals that farmers use. According to the Organic Exchange, an estimated 170 million pounds of pesticides, and 25% of the world's insecticides are used in the production of conventional, non-organic cotton. 7 out of 10 of these pesticides are on the EPA's "known" list of "likely" or "probable" carcinogens. Now that is something to ponder.
We can safely assume that in the growth of these plants and the use of cotton products we result in water contamination, erosion of soil and farmland, plus we bring into our homes and workplaces harsh chemicals that might render us ill.

Well "Organically Grown is a lifestyle brand that brings safe, affordable organic worker friendly products to the global marketplace” and since that is their mission, we were not surprised, actually, we thought it made total sense that Organically Grown has gone a step further not only to use organic cotton, but also to ensure that the cotton plants producing the cotton for them have not been genetically modified; plus they support the organic farming community and are committed to a green, sustainable environment.
In being a good citizen for the planet they bring green clothing for infants, kids, men and women. They also carry women and baby accessories and nursery decor.

Because of the way they conduct business, their clothes are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. This means that when you enjoy something from Organically Grown, you are doing good for your children today, and you are contributing to their future planet as well. You are doing good for all of us for years to come!

We love the fact that Organically Grown shows us that there is no need to compromise style and fashion to go green.

Their toddler collection is relatively new. It is a line that makes a statement! The collection is all about eco-friendly messages delivered in adorable two-piece outfits for boys and girls in sizes 12-24 months, and 2T-4T. Sentences say things like “Nature’s Boy” or”Free Range Chick”.

The Organically Grown designs are gorgeous! There is a t-shirt that reads "handle with care" and below is the Earth with a recycling symbol around it. Fun, eye-catching, smart and decisive!
The attention to details and cute factor are very present in every item, additionally they are definitively well made. No tags to irritate baby, inspiring messages, no harsh chemicals, life is good!

After admiring their sense of style, the next thing we noted from the garments was their great quality and comforting plush fabric. 100% pure organic cotton definitively translates into “ohh so incredibly soft and pampering” clothes.

Fun to use, safe, eco-friendly and fashionable. What more? Well, there is more, these outfits are affordable! We tend to associate going green with going red at the bank, but Organically Grown products sell for the same price other non-organic brands do.

Personally I really want to get their Organically Grown utility bag and a tee.
We are sure Organically Grown will bring us more and more items for us to enjoy seamlessly in every aspect of our daily lives. We are looking forward to it. We applaud their green corporate responsibility, the way they are making a difference in third world famers’ lives teaching and supporting them, and the different steps they are taking not only to ensure they offer us the best eco-friendly items at the highest quality, but also the way they continuously work to educate and contribute to enhancing our lives.

Get to know them better, and find out more about their current specials and promotions at

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