Novica: The Brigde Between Artisans Around the World and You

Novica is an amazing 10 year old company that gives us a superb site that simply leaves you in awe with everything your see, click on and discover. This site gives us unprecedented access to world-wide artisans and their magnificent work. At the same time, it gives artisans an important window where they not only are able to exhibit and sell, but in many cases the help to do so. It is the living treasure chest of the world!

At Novica, hard-to-find items at great values are common place.

Mexico, Indonesia, Bali, The Andes, India, have a particular region you want to purchase from? It is all there in Novica. Home décor, jewelry, paintings, and within those over 10 subcategories for each, it is difficult to pick just one thing. Everything we see seems to be made with great craftsmanship, attention to detail, and passion. It all is beautiful and breathtaking. Each piece has a story to tell, the creator explains the roots and origins of your purchase along with any artistic explanation. It is to us, also an educational way of purchasing.

Getting this fantastic place was no easy feat. Working in tandem with National Geographic and the World Bank, middlemen were cut out of the distribution chain. This explains how we are able to take advantage of their great pricing. The most important aspect of this company is the access to loans and financing that they grant talented artisans and artist in the poorest corners of the globe. Novica also gives you the opportunity to lend money directly, in this way multiplying the chances of these laborers to get their work done, expand or in some cases, subsist. All the details and explanations are very well documented in their website.

As you can imagine, it is a great place to find a unique, original and special Father’s day gift.

To give you and idea of how things transpire at Novica, take what they have to tell us about this special day:

A message of good health and long life has been recorded as the earliest Father's Day gift. It was crafted of clay by a young boy, Elmescu, and it was found in the ruins of Babylon. Since then gifts have greatly diversified in nature and artistry. We proudly exhibit Gifts for Dad that are masterfully crafted by hand by today's artisans from around the world.

As Elmescu did back then, we wish fathers good health and remind them to take time off from their busy schedule. The Maya knew well that rest and relaxation can never be overrated and designed comfortable hammocks that kept them cool as they slept under the stars. Throughout the ages one of Dad's assigned roles seems to have been the teaching of sports and games. Chess and backgammon sets carved of wood or marble inlaid with gemstones are a thoughtful gift for dad to teach the next generation – their grandkids! Indeed a wonderful way to preserve the family tradition.

In their personal stories Novica artisans tell of the time they learnt their art from their fathers, who in turn learnt from their own fathers. Today they share their works as original gifts for dads and grandads. Their contributions to Novica's Gifts for Dad Gallery include paintings and sculptures; ceramic tequila sets and glass decanters; apparel and handmade jewelry for men. No doubt fathers everywhere will appreciate the heartfelt value inherent in every gift that comes from Novica. By price, by region, search the barware, paintings, rustic ceramics or sculptures. Here is the dedicated section for Dad.

We are sure your will be using this site often once you have discovered it.

Go world, thank you Novica!

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