A Slimming Secret Out of the Bag that Erases Pounds!

Ever since baby, I have been battling extra pounds. Seems like nothing I try works or motivates me enough to keel me on track and reach my goals. I know, I know, no pain, no gain, but I just find myself living the mom’s life: juggling, running, cooking, cleaning, teaching, playing, working…..exhausted with basically no time to spare.

I have changed my eating habits, but somehow anxiety gets the best of me and I always run to my uncontrolled chocolate addition.

One day at a coffee shop as the good angel and the little devil made their case to me as to why I should (or not) eat an overgrown slice of cake, I saw a familiar lady stride in full of confidence, smiling and looking my way. It turned out to be my dear overweight friend in her new skinny body.

She introduced me to Paiyouji, her slimming secret.

It is a powder you drink every morning mixed in with your coffee/ tea/ juice or water. After interviewing her about it, this is the conclusion: it cuts out the “ out of meal time” eating needs. Perfect! It helps curve hunger, so it helps control your meal protions. You feel thirsty, so it contributes to reminding you to drink your water intake.
With all this, I just had to try it out. I purchase a box of Paiyouji and sure enough confirmed absolutely everything I was told. I managed to curve out all of my anxiety eating, I was loosing weight and sticking to eating right! Adding to this I am happy to report that my chocolate habit is under wraps and seems to have disappeared. A happy mom, indeed as I keep eating healthy and better portions.

Paiyouji does take away the hunger, but doesn’t take away your hunger so you will not forgo any meals.

What I like the best is finally being able to shed pounds effortlessly while integrating balanced, well portioned meals to my everyday lifestyle.

My energy level is up and I feel that I am doing good by and for myself without missing a beat of my crazy schedule.

From their website, some points to consider:
1) Always consult your doctor before starting any diet plans.
2) Suitable for Adults (18 years+)
3) Unsuitable for pregnant/breastfeeding women. If you are taking any medication, consult your doctor before use.
4) Should you experience any unexpected adverse affects stop using immediately and consult your doctor.
5) DO NOT take Pai You Ji if you suffer from any heart, circulatory or respiratory conditions.

Curious to give it a try? Win your own box of Paiyouji here with us.
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