The Joy of Wine Shopping

One tradition I specially enjoy during the holiday season is the chance to see my favorite girls when we get together to bake cookies that we deliver to the children's ward at one of our South Florida Hospitals. During this event, more than the cookie making, what I look forward to is our Champagne tasting. Every one has to bring a great Champagne find to share and sample. After a few years of doing this, we kept getting the same bottles, and to spice up our tasting I decided to find something special. This year, I came across a fantastic wine website called Serenata Wines. This is a wine drinker's paradise!!

I was impressed not only by the Champagne page. I was lost for hours dreaming of tasting many of the wines they have to offer. It became an education because although I love a good Malbec or a Carmenere, I had no idea these were classified as "New World Wines".

Buying wine can be intimidating, but not at Serenata Wines. Right at the homepage you have different ways of selecting your wine. You can do it either by type of wine, origin, style or grape. In addition to this, there is a section that lists the top 10 categories for you. Not enough? You can choose a wine based on their best seller list, their Christmas wine recommendations or by looking at the special offers available. At the bottom of the page you can decide if you want to look into wine categories.

I took advantage of their Food and Wine section to decide what type of wine I will be getting soon for a special Pad Thai I have in mind (yes, they have and Asian and Wine section right under the Pasta and Wine chapter!).

Although I haven't finalized my purchase yet (too many wines sitting on my shopping cart right now! got to sort this one out a bit) I am impressed by the customer service offered here: you can have them call you, finding a way to email them is easy and simple. Best of all, the 100% satisfaction guarantee that will offer you a replacement or a refund.

I hope anyone thinking of a gift for me will go here and take advantage of their next day delivery if ordered by 3:30pm, I can wait to start sipping the choices of's in-house sommelier!

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