Megabloks Keeps Impressing at Mommy Parties!

We held our second MommyParty this weekend, and just like the first one, we were blown away with the organization, generosity and of course the super MegaBloks items we were fortunate to review. After our first party, honestly, I felt any other party I would host was going to be hard to beat, and so far it has been the case, until we had our second MegaBloks party!

This time the party featured adorable buildable friends for each of our little guests. This new friends are too cute and truly work on children’s creativity to convert the blocks into actual animals. The sets we received had jungle and garden friends so we had a great mix! The toys and the palyers are for kids aged 1 +

Paired to the buildable friends, the party kit include a large Tubtown farm, and that was way too much fun for children and adults alike! Because we did have a great range of animals covered in this party, we held half the party in the backyard under the wonderful South Florida weater to discover our jungle and garden friends. Then we moved in to keep playing with our friends and to play with the Tubtown farm. All around it was simply great. Not only great for the motor skill building, but also to talk about the different types of animals and their surroundings. So, with that in mind, we had prepared in advance animal books, and we had an animal channel running nn the background.

 As you probably can imagine, part of the fun is also destroying and knocking down the creations, so when the children created their own version of the farm, soon after it was time to take it down!!! What caught my eye was when moms at the party sat together to re-build the farm, and I must say it was the quietest time of the party having moms and kids concentrating on their building! The mom’s version of the farm was less creative that the kid’s version, but still, a great version too :-).
The consensus on the products:
Happily MegaBloks sent us a garden or jungle friend for each of our guests, AND, Megabloks included coupons for us. Therefore, just as we did last time, we all agreed to use the coupons to get Megabloks items for underprivileged children, so I couldn’t be happier to go shopping on behalf of my guests, plus the fact that we know we will be giving children in need a valuable, educational, and safe product that will bring them joy time and time again. Truth be told, I will be getting a few more of these and other great Megabloks products for kids on my Christmas list!

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