Orgullosa, Proud, and With Good Reason!

Pride. Orgullo.
What are your proud of? 
We are sure, being as Cool as you all are, there is much to be proud of.   We are humble here at Cool Moms Cool Tips, so we are not going to talk much about ourselves.  Instead we are going to tell you how proud we are about being a part of an amazing community.

Beautiful South Florida is very varied. 
True it is mostly Hispanic, but we do have a little of everything.  In taking a closer look at this vibrant Latino community, we see how there are several descriptions of what being Hispanic is, and it doesn’t always fall under the stereotypes we are accustomed to.
Belonging to this corner of the planet, makes us proud.  We are also honored at the chance to share what an evolving definition of Hispanic may be.
First let’s talk about the word: ORGULLO.  Translated as Pride.  Orgullosa then would be a proud woman. Let’s talk about this Orgullosa: a cool Hispanic woman making waves in a new world while bringing to it her inner and outer beauty, her true spirit. Bravo! We applaud this!
True, Latino culture is identified as a very machista one.  One where the man is the ruler of the universe.  Well, women have a very important place and role to carry out.  Looking closely, you will see that a man is king of his castle, but a woman is the ruling queen of her world.  In reality, a woman commands her domain in every sense, including the king of the castle.  It is just that she does it in a subtle and loving way that makes it go unnoticed.

Hispanics have an accent, true, but that just means that there is more than one language spoken.  Now, we wanted to make this statement a little more real, touch upon real women’s lives and not just numbers.  So, we interviewed 25 random women at a mall. Statistically, be prepared to get surprised, 60% of the latinas living in South Florida speak 3 or more languages.  Wow, we got a bigger sample and doubled that, we even tripled it and the percentage went down, but still impressive: 52%!
From this same population, we found out that 80% of these ladies had masters degrees (mostly in business and heath).  97% were moms and all had the same hectic lives J
Definitively these are findings to commemorate! To celebrate let’s join the new site,, a site that celebrates everything you are, and everything that makes you, YOU!
We loved about is that it fits the women we know in this community: women who don’t settle for walking the same path, but instead make a new one everyday! The site addresses careers, families, community, beauty.  In a nutshell, everything every woman is! Join the Orgullosa community, and like their Facebook page here Be in the company of amazing women doing phenomenal things to contribute to our lives.  Right now we are reading about Alondra de Parra, Musical Conductor.

So as you can see we are proud to be in great company, thrilled to relate to these vivacious, strong, joyful and proud women.  Honestly, (sorry hips) most of all happy that we can enjoy the delicious Latin food!  Any one up for croquetas, pastelitos or café con leche?

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