Caring For Olympians, Reaching For The Stars!

Being a mom is the most wonderful job ever!  You give your best and in return you get love in different forms (hugs, kisses, proud moments, laughter, the list is long)

We do admit that it is not an easy job; there is no manual, no classes to prepare you for it, no mold to follow and perhaps too many bits of advice.  Additionally it is a round the clock job that demands the very best of us.

As moms, despite the hardships, the rewards outweigh the sacrifices.  Actually many sacrifices are done wholeheartedly, especially when we know it is to the benefit of our children’s future, success or dreams.  To be a mom really means that you are building solid ground for a fantastic future.  For that you educate, prepare, enjoy, correct and guide with love. Take for example, Ondina Lopez, mom of decorated athletes soon to participate in the London Olympics!  I know what you are thinking, this woman is a rock!  And, you are right she truly is. Ondina  is a proud mother who can boast about having  "First Family of Taekwondo". Her children, Steven, Jean, Mark and Diana are at the world elite level in Taekwondo who made headlines for becoming the first three siblings in any sport to claim World Championship titles at the same event.  And now LONDON!  

We had the pleasure of interviewing here, and a couple of her answers really stood out for me.  As a mother she did everything in her power to support her children in their Taekwondo passion.  Although they are very driven, she didn’t have to push them around.  Still being there, chauffeuring, making every event, and investing in every step must have been a loving sacrifice.  This was a family affair as daddy also has a liking to for martial arts, now that felt to me like a key part for the introduction to any activity for the children.  Now we now Ondina’s kids are really driven and competitive but their parents planted the seeds and then kept watering the growing plant!
I can imagine Ondina was already very busy.  She didn’t slack, she wanted to make sure her children succeeded and thrived.  In order for their kids to keep healthy eating habits, and stay away from junk food Ondina made sure they had healthy homemade wholesome food.  My hat is off to her.
I can only begin to imagine the pride of a mother looking at her beaming and all smiles champion on the podium!  I am sure these champions also use their healthy smiles as secret weapons of self confidence before and after their intense competitions.

It is makes perfect sense that Crest & Oral-B has partnered with Ondina to bring forth the impact and force a mother’s support plays in an athletes’ success
I am inspired by Ondina, and are making sure I help my little one succeed in life.  It starts with small steps, but I know later on these small steps will be an important and defining foundation for successful, happy members of society.  This is why, we are focusing at home in making sure education is paramount, and where ever there may be a deficiency, we take corrective action immediately.  While preferences and choices allow us to identify activities that our little ones will enjoy and probably thrive at; We firmly believe languages open many doors: culture, communication, understanding, discovery, learning, you name it.  So, we are enhancing education with Spanish and French classes.  So courses might be boring; therefore, we are giving them trips to practice their language skills.  This is a yearly affair, and so we also prepare reading about the country we are going to visit, read together about it and prepare food together.  Now, I don’t know if I will be as successful instilling the love of languages and discovery to the kids, as Ondina has been supporting hers, but definitively trying!
Drive and passion will take my little one far, but education will give the tools to achieve dreams and enjoy success.  It is never to early to start exploring what the world has to offer, and if you can communicate you will get so much more out of the experiences you might encounter. 

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