Smart Kitchen Freedom: Deliver Lean Food Service

Our friends at Deliver Lean sent us a two day supply of their exquisite meal plan. My food was delivered on a Wednesday, sometime before sunrise in a cooler with ice packs. I felt like a kid opening birthday gift.
The cooler was filled with delicious goodies. Depending on the meal plan you pick, you will receive anywhere from 3 to 5 meals a day. Each meal has 4 ounces of lean protein, 2-4 ounces of high quality complex carbs, and 3 ounces of fresh fruits or vegetables. The meals are about 400 calories per serving and are prepared by fabulous chefs. The food is fresh and delivered 3 times a week. 
Delivery Lean offers the services of a nutritionist that will help customize your meal to meet your dietary requirements.  There are also 5 different meal plans you can already choose from including one for those on the HCG diet.  I am looking forward to continue on the Paleo plan which is a gourmet way to get my diet on track.
Honestly, customer service is excellent. They are ready and willing to answer any questions and guide you every step of the process.  Of course allergies and dietary restrictions are factored in.  You are in expert hands.
I was impressed with all their food.  Food quality, taste and presentation sets the bar very high.  I had a wide variety of meals from shrimp to chicken parmesan, stuffed peppers with beef and turkey burger.
All I had to do was warm the food up in the microwave for a minute and, voila! A succulent and more important nutritious meal was served. No headaches about thinking what to cook, no worries about eating too much salt of sugar since they cook with limited amounts of both. Another bonus: I did not go hungry. The portions look small, but really they are just perfect to avoid overeating.  By the time I was getting hungry it was time either for a meal or a snack.
 Totally worth giving them a try. They will become your ally in your quest to eating healthy, maintaining a balanced diet, and achieving  your weight goals. Give them a call today, you won’t be disappointed.  You can’t go wrong when you have a fresh, delicious, nutritious meal delivered to your door.
Deliver Lean has a special offer for our readers: If any of you sign up for a month of food you will get 2 days of free food as well as free delivery.
Here is the discount code - MBDL89 to give in.  We have inside access, so please reach out to  Alli at if you want to take advantage of this offer or if you have further questions on their the food/service.