Summer Plans

Summer fun is here! 

This year we have many activities that are preventing us from a real summer vacation, so we are focusing on mini staycations. 

In June we did Orlando parks and wildlife.  I surprised myself going our there are I am more of an urban girl.  But looking at nature and enjoying what it has to offer through the kid’s eyes made a big difference in how I appreciated everything differently.

The highlight of this trip was a canoe ride on Peace River, a little meandering and very tranquil body of water  located in south west Florida, near Arcadia.

It was a true Florida experience, enjoyed while we paddled an easy to learn activity.

As we begun, my thoughts were toward alligators, mosquitoes, and under water currents. 

As I got a hold of how to paddle correctly, get the children doing it with me and finally taking in the beauty of our surroundings, my senses were on high alert for safety.  The biggest worry: what if we tipped over?  Well, we did!!! It was a lot of fun and what really put my nerves at ease.  I stood up to water to my knees!  Perfect, we were told that was the deepest stretch of the river.  After that it was a wonderful experience.  We stopped at a few beaches; picnic was in order for lunch and of course cooled down in the very serene water of Peace River.

Two weekends ago we went to an amazing resort where we took full advantage of pool and beach.  Simply wonderful, relaxing….yes, the good life. 

My little natural science aficionado found out we could participate in helping baby sea turtles get to the ocean.  What a treat!

If you have never participated, it all happens at night.  We started off by leveling all the sand castles busy architects erected during sunshine hours.  This is done to make it easier for the turtles to reach the water, not to mention, the way Mother Nature intended it to be.

Again this city slicker started the evening by thinking about what might be lurking on the beaches or the ocean where we stood. You may say I watch to many movies, but I am re-comforted by a permanent sense of security when the kids are around.  When they are not, you wouldn’t believe how adventurous I might be ;-)

There was a big sense of accomplishment and contribution among all of us participating that night.  Enriching and educational, just perfect.

Last weekend, we turned to a more metropolitan affair: museums.  Being that one of the kids is a conductor at heart we could not by pass the Gold Coast Train Museum in Miami.  While my little one was overjoyed and overexcited to be there, I couldn’t help but go back to a video clip that has marked me forever.  I am sharing the clip here with you.  It is a bit long. If you don’t want to watch it, I will give you a synopsis under it.

The video tells the story of a minivan that was hit by a moving train.  In the minivan a 2 year old sat strapped inside his car seat despite his parent’s furious attempts to free the child before the train hit. The van was completely mangled.  This heart stopping test to a car seat by a mother proved the amazing safety features of the Britax car seat they used because the child was completely unharmed train hit. But luckily he was completely unharmed.  This seat was the Roundabout, one of the many great products of the company that performed its ultimate function: restrain and protect in a crash

What an ordeal, but frankly, if I ever find my family in a situation such as this, I am counting on Britax to care for our well-being.  I will take care of everything else: the mosquito repellent, sunscreen, hydration needs, food, ok, ok I will stop here.

I love how great companies think of everything (kids and parents alike).  While doing their jobs of delivering great products, I get more freedom to care for lesser concerns, and focus of giving my kids the best summer of their lives!

Happy rest of the summer, get out and take it all in.  The world through our children is so much more grandiose!

Keep safe.

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