Baby Out and About Safely in a Travel System

We loved taking long and short trips all around town with our little bundle of joy, but getting all the gear to coordinate was no easy feat.

A confession is in order here, call me Type A, but I love when I find items that match, that naturally go together, and organically coexist. Consequently, it was hard to find a car seat that would properly match a stroller. We would find the car seat we wanted but there was no way of making a safe combination with a stroller. Let alone a bundle that would be safe and easy to handle at the same time. Making the perfect pair never seemed to work for us. Consequently we did not have a Baby Travel System. In the end we opted for baby wearing.

If you are in need of an awesome Travel System, Britax has the perfect one for you. You lucky one! The pairing couldn't be simpler: choose your favorite car seat and then pair it to one of their strollers and voila! You are good to go.
It is perfect, simply because you can mix and match to make sure you get the set that is right for you.

What we mean by this is that Britax infant car seats (3 of them to choose from) are compatible with 4 different lines of Britax strollers (4 of them). The selection of strollers is so ample; you even have a double stroller to choose from to make your Britax Travel System a reality.

Your heart will be happy with the genius of the CLICK AND GO SYSTEM that Britax strollers feature which precisely enables safe and convenient travel systems when paired to their car seats.
If you received a hand me down infant car seat of a major brand, don't dispair because your car seat just might be compatible with their strollers. How you ask? the strollers like the B Nimble or the already include a car seat adapter strap that will do the trick for you. Really want to get the B-Agile stroller? Well, just get the Britax car seat adapter and you have just created a Travel System with your choice of Britax stroller. We love how the brand doesn't confine you in any way. Love even more how you can get a big kid stroller for your baby. Yes, Britax products grow with your family!

Worried about your child's safety in a car seat or a stroller? Worry about other parenting aspects because Britax, the leader in the industry, is constanlty challenging itself to deliver products that exceed by far any safety govenrment regulation and meet both your and your child's needs with ease-to -use features and comfort.

You can read all about their safety here or their awards related to safety here

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