Free, Happy, Positive

Ok, so in our grown up world, we don’t usually find the type of joy and spontaneity that we see in the new and funny Trident commercials.  Here is one for you to enjoy:

Honestly, I don’t think anyone will get easily contagious with such demonstrations publicly and alone.  Maybe, if you are part of a flash mob, and then, that is not spontaneous and does get plenty of onlookers, not participants. 

Anyway, the only place I find that people will let loose and could participate in things like require that children are involved.  Amazing how these little individuals remind and bring us back to the basics of happiness and easy laughter.  You gotta love children!

The good news is that we still have that good vibe chip inside.
Some of us just need little reminders to let go a bit and enjoy the moment more, laugh more, be more positive.

Granted, we move at such fast paces, and we all have a million tasks to accomplish and goals to achieve and dreams to make a reality we can be to intent and businesslike with our journey, taking away some fun.

 Let’s bring it back!

The realization of all of this hit me three weeks ago, when I had slated playground time for my little one.  We went, and while baby was playing, all I was thinking about was my unfinished lists and how I needed to cut our playground time short if I was going to check of a couple more items off the list.

I was deep in my timetable, organizational thoughts when a mom approached me.  She said I looked very preoccupied.  “Here have this”.  She gave me a stick of gum.  I eyed her confused, weary and ended giving her a “you are crazy” look.  

She insisted I tried the gum.  To get her off my back I did.  Then she started talking to me.  Our conversation was very interesting.  We discovered our love for the arts, and how our same age kids are so into cooking.
When we left the playground, we had gone over our allocated time.  But I was feeling uplifted and a bit free.  

We ended up our conversation by her thanking me for accepting the gum because she really felt I needed help relaxing, and despite not knowing me, had a strong urge to do something positive for me.  Even, if it was a very small step.  This touched me.  

I found a great new friend who is very easy to talk to, thanks to her genuine concern for another fellow mom who was giving out stress energy.

Every week since we met we have our playground play dates and they always begin by offering each other gum J. We have now offered gum to 4 other moms, so our play date group is growing, and we are finding time to stop and focus on the moment and on nothing transcendental.

Next week I am taking with me new Trident flavor I found:Layers Peach + Mango 

Actually, I found a whole range of new Trident Layers flavors that  include:

- Layers Wild Strawberry +Tangy Citrus,
- Layers Juicy Berry+ Tangy Tangerine.

I am now covered, this is becoming a Trident Layers of flavors tasting too!

I love how Trident is the culprit to connecting me with my positive side.  The one I had forgotten I always had inside.

Here is another fun video brought to you by great-tasting Trident Gum, click here to see it 
Trident: See What Unfolds.  It unfolded a mom play date group for me!
This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina MomBloggers and TRIDENT. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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