Getting Pumpkins Ready for Halloween

cool moms cool tips pumpkin carvings 1
At home we enjoy carving our pumpkins. There is no special technique and probably we are not following some traditional procedure.

cool moms cool tips pumpkin carvings 2

We are ready with a good knife and a spoon, plus previously agreed upon temple to work on.  We go ahead and remove all the meat from the inside of the vegetable and then we using the pattern at hand or our creative minds we cut out a proper not-so-scary Halloween face on the pumpkin.  The final touch is then placing a votive in the center of the pumpkin for the ghostly effect that we truly enjoy. Pretty straight forward and perhaps the way most households that celebrate Halloween do it.

However, most likely because we have no clue or passed down knowledge of what we are doing, the process is tiring and cumbersome.

Last year we must have done something wrong as we had some mold growing on our pumpkin's face which a day later was nothing but a grimace.

This year, because of it, we are looking for new ideas, and way of avoiding a monstrous mess.

We thought of ribbon around the middle of each pumpkin (idea from Goodhousekeeping):
Another option was stickers or foam shapes on the surface of the pumpkin:
cool moms cool tips pumpkin decorations
We started sticking LED lights all around our pumpkin but soon ran out of lights so we still have some work to do.   
 To make sure we had something this week we worked over the weekend on painting. Here is the result of that:
You get the idea; the pumpkin becomes our clean canvass for your spooky masterpiece! We just need some more inspiration, I guess... 
Please help us.  Share with us what you do to decorate with pumpkins, we are eager to learn, and happy to provide some added inspiration for all the goblins out there!

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