A Helping Hand in Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an acquired holiday for us.

In trying to understand the celebration of pilgrims and Native Americans coming together around a bountiful table in peace and solidarity, we find a great teaching opportunity for our children.
Our focus has two parts. First, we talk to them about tolerance and learning from each other. To this end we discuss all month long a different culture to ours. We cook their foods, visit their restaurants and if possible spend time with people that belong to the chosen culture. This will highlight to the kids that in the end, despite our difference we are one   Possibly with the same hopes and dreams.
This year we are discovering the Japanese culture. Let us know if you have tips and recommendations for us!
For the second part, we translate the beauty of the holiday and the message of peace and hope into the channel of helping others in order to appreciate what we have.

Sometimes what one person might complain about is the dream of another, and the recognition of the good things around us can make our grievances seem petty.

This year we are doing a couple of things to support those in need.

First we are going through our toys and clothes and choosing those in best shape to share with less fortunate children. Our kids are doing this task with us, and are understanding that their unwanted items can bring plenty of joy to others as they have come with us to distribute our stash.

Seeing our little ones, play and giveaway selfishly some of their once favorite items warms the heart and makes mom proud!

Secondly, we are having our own food drive. We have created a little flyer and are sharing it with our friends and family asking them to contribute with canned goods that we will in turn take to a local orphanage on November 20th. Those who participate will receive an original masterpiece inspired in the emblematic holiday icon: the turkey made by our children who are making their own "Thank you" cards with all types of turkey versions. So far we have handed out 150 flyers and 5 Thank you cards. We are optimistic, and the kids are busy crafting away and counting our current can stock.

We are hoping for a big turn out, but regardless of how big or small our can inventory ends up being, we are truly aiming at creating, this spirit of giving and helping that should be a constant in our children's lives. Teach them to appreciate the simple things and be thankful for what they have, and what they don't.

We wish you an enriching and loving holiday surrounded by those dearest to you. Hug them tight and give thanks for having them in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a sponsored post as a Britax Latina Advisory Board Member and Blogger. As always, all opinions, ideas, and stories stated here are clearly my own

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