Thanksgiving Placemats Keepsakes

Thanksgiving gives us a chance at a fabulous meal together.

This is when we celebrate  the success of our helping hand activities (see our post on that here)

The children will have been busy helping us with our food drive, but still with enough energy for additional activities. With this in mind, we put their creative talents to use: they help us make our Thanksgiving placemats!

Moms love them as once the meal is done they have a memento of the family meal.

There only condition to these masterpieces is that a Turkey needs to be present in the image.

You need to give each child a rectangular construction paper as their canvas. Keep at hand colors, crayons, markers, glue, glitter, child safe scissors and reusable scraps.  You will love what they come up with.

For the younger ones in the group, we have our technique down:

1- Have them make a semicircle of hand prints

2- On the border of this semicircle, glue a big dot

3- Within the dot, glue a spoon shaped cut out you will have previously prepared

4- Glue or paint eyes and nose

Voila! You just made a Turkey placemat!

Before we sit at the table, the entire family gets to guess who mad each placemat. Once that is taken care off, we are ready to feast.

Do you have special crafts for your little ones to do on Thanksgiving?


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