Light Sets the Mood

And God created light....
It is such an important aspect of our lives, one that we take for granted and not always stop to think of. Light.
Yes, light.
A very important part of photography, cinematography and different art forms such as painting.
Light truly sets the mood and transforms ambiance.
Capitol Lighting
Being such a crucial part of our lives, we set out to find the perfect lighting for our living room because although it is comfortable and has the perfect pieces that live together well, it was missing some charm.
In search of this personality for our living room we turned to someone we already knew. The experts at Capitol Lighting. We discovered them last year (read about it here), and quite frankly we loved what we saw then.
We already knew they offer a wide range of lighting fixtures both indoors and outdoors that  accommodate every refined taste regardless of style preference at affordable prices.  Yes, definitively the experts to see to get the perfect lighting for our living room.
 As much as we wanted to, we couldn't find the time to get to their beautiful showroom.  Since we had experienced the quality of their product offering, and already knew they carry fabulous brands as Casablanca, Crystorama, Dimond, ELK, ET2, Feiss, Hinkley, Kichler,  Landmark, Maxim, Monte Carlo, Quoizel, Savoy House, Schonbek, Swarovski,  and WAC we turned to their website for our purchase.

Easy to navigate, we set out to get quick views of what we were looking for. 
We decided we needed a table lamp.  It was difficult making a choice, many things were on our list to bring home. 
Then it dawn on us that doing this online we couldn't experience the actual lighting to decide on the lamp.  So, we started chatting with their experts online as we browsed.  I have to tell you that it was amazing.  We though it was a long shot: surely, they were really prepared to answer order questions, but they know their stuff!  They did help out a lot describing the materials for the lamps we were browsing and that gave us a great guide to make our final selection.

Because we had a blogging limit to choose our item, and we wanted two of them, we decided it would be easier to go directly to a customer service agent, instead of going through with the purchase on line. 
At this point, the customer service level went through the roof.  Amanda (our rep) was very knowledgeable.  We still didn't make a final purchase after our initial exchanges.  She kept coming back offering help, touching base with us, and reminding us she was there for us.  I wish I had a photo of her to frame on put on our wall of fame of best customer experience for purchases to date.

photo.JPGIn the end, we choose a Quoizel lamp because of the color hues of the lamp shade which we envisioned would give the perfect feel to the room both admiring it and experiencing its lighting.  The cobblestone feel should give an extra special effect to the room overall, and we could just imagine how light would warmly radiate without overpowering the setting.

photo.JPGShipping was included in our purchase price.  Our lamp promptly arrived a few days later.  We expected the package to take longer than it did to get to us. 
The fragility of this lamp was no issue at all as the wrapping for it was really well thought and executed.

Once in its place, the lamp did not disappoint one bit.  Beautiful and exactly what we saw online.  The feel of the room is now the cozy charm we had hoped for.  We seem to spend more time every evening in it.  The mood is now set and we are taking it all in every night. This was definitively the right path for us.  
Before: cold, irregular light
After: fabulous

 Therefore, for your next lighting need, please consider Capitol Lighting both brick and mortar and online stores.  With such great brands in house and the ample assortment, you will definitively find the perfect piece to enjoy and give your home the right light to make it just perfect!
What did you think of our selection?

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