Celebrating Spring, Park Hoping We Go!

Spring is definitively in the air! we are extremely lucky it has been for a while down in South Florida, so really now that temperatures are going up we are prepping for beach time!
While this time gets here( water is still too cold for us) we will keep enjoying the amazing weather outdoors and getting in shape to wear our bikinis!
Jogging and speed walking is our choice of exercise this season. All this is convenient and very possible for us thanks to Britax, as the company offers a variety of strollers that makes our outing hassle-free.
Truth is kids will be in heaven when they get in that totally comfortable stroller and enjoys the smooth ride.
Don’t forget Britax strollers offer several reclining positions just in case it is nap time and above all, lots of safety features. Both you and your child will be able to appreciate nature to its fullest, enjoying quality time under beautiful skies.. What could be better than a stroll down the park, or if you are really serious about exercising you might want to get the Britax B Agile stroller and go out jogging. Discover which stroller fits you and your family here
We are all about picnics and discovering different parks around the city this Spring. Good thing is we can take along plenty of healthy goodies and lots of water in the large under the seat storage area of our stroller. Your little one might also like to get some exercise, so let her crawl,walk or run around after you’ve had your yummy healthy meal. As a suggestion you can also bring bubbles with you. I have yet to meet a child that does not enjoy playing with bubbles. Allow your child to appreciate the trees, smell the beautiful flowers, listen to the birds singing and simply enjoy nature. We love imitating the different sounds at the park. It is a win-win, your precious little one will be riding in total comfort and you will be getting some exercise while sharing quality time together. All done effortlessly thanks to Britax.
Let’s take advantage of the great weather and embrace what mother- nature has to offer during this wonderful season. Today we are spying cloud shapes as we relax on the grass after our workout. Will you join in on the park fun?

We are a BRITAX Latina Advisory Board Member and Blogger and are excited to spread the word on child safety via Britax amazing products.All opinions, ideas, and stories are our own
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