For Itchy Heads LilLadybugs

When we say itchy heads we mean, those beautiful heads where lice had come over for a visit.
Let us start by saying that a head with a small or big lice visit is not due to lack of cleanliness. As a matter of fact, lice like clean environments. We talk about the head because this is where we can commonly find them on humans, rarely an eyebrow can be the target of lice too.
Lice spread whenever there is a head-to head contact as lice can't live of the host (us).
We can tell you many things about lice, but if you have an infestation in your hands, all you care about is getting rid of them.For all the details on lice, you can visit here for FAQs.

Now, about combating these millenary creatures, we want to talk to you about a very effective natural, chemical-free way of getting them out of your life (and head)
In a fast, safe and simple manner Ladibugs will come to the rescue an get you lice free.
What is Ladibugs?  Well it is a company founded by moms and Nurse Practitioners who after having their kids suffer a lice attack discovered that their kids were getting reactions such as burning eyes. It was no surprise when they found out that products in existence then to eradicate lice contained petroleum, kerosene derivatives and pesticides. Then, they set out on a journey we now know as Ladibugs.

Containing ingredients such as yeast-based enzymes, olive oil and peppermint  that naturally eliminate and prevent lice infestations, Ladibugs offers a complete product range of chemical-free prevention and elimination items.  Appease your mind, chemists and hair professionals contributed to the development of this lines.

First worry - Eliminate the lice!
Powerful and natural solutions to eliminate lice that you'll appreciate not only for effectiveness but also smell, because we like mint and lice hate it are:
Ladibugs Mousse: made from a yeast based enzyme (a natural dissolver of nit glue)

Ladibugs Mint Serum, a blend of olive oil and peppermint that soothes the scalp while eliminating lice.

When used with the Ladibugs Metal Micro-Grooved Comb, lice don’t stand a chance!

Second concern - Let's prevent these pesty critters.
Nothing is better than prevention. Your health care professional tells you, and probably so did your mom. This is your line of defense:
Ladibugs Shampoo and Conditioner  made with the highest-quality natural products and essential oils including peppermint oil that lice find offensive. Good for daily use

Ladibugs Mint Spray is a first-of-its-kind lice-fighting tool using a specialized mint formula to help ward off head lice. Sprayed daily on coats and backpacks, it helps prevents head lice infestations.

We love the concept of a product born out of motherly need delivering natural and safe methods proven to deliver on their promise. As we discovered the company further and understood how committed they are to supporting the efforts to eliminate the pesty visits of lice we were instantly won over. They offer in their home base state:
In -home removal: don't move we will come to you, they say - lifesaver!
Lice removal centers: that include dryers to get the lice out of clothes and backpacks
In-School services: which are free to schools and healthcare professionals

I think they need to open this services in warm, muggy, bug infested South Florida; I want them near me in case.....Since they are not, we can all trust their products.
How about winning your own prevention set with us?Ladibugs has generously offered their amazing products for 3 Cool Moms Cool Tips readers!!!

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