Growing up with Healthy Eyesight

You have been reading how we are looking out for our eyesight well being.
We continue in our saga and this time we are focussing on children's healthy vision because it is never too early to start protecting the eyesight. As a matter of fact, children might be more exposed to the harmful UV rays as they enjoy and play outdoors.
Because of the active lives of children : constantly in and out, changing their environment, Quick and adaptive to light to allow for perfect vision in every ambiance, Transitions Lenses is ideal for kids too! (Remember they also block 100% of UVA and UVB rays)
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during visiting the optician for mr cool moms eye check up we discovered how for the little ones there are great tools to evaluate their sight such as the chart that instead of letters and numbers has symbols like hearts and circles for those who aren't reading yet!
Regardless of what reading stage your kids are at it is never to early or too late to care for a healthy eye sight. Therefore besides going to routine eye examinations you can make sure to look after your family's windows to the world. Not to mention, you are helping them do better in school.

We recently visited where not only we had fun playing different educational games but also took a test to see if we made the grade and made a promise to care for our eyesight.
EyeDidntKnowThat LOGO.jpgTransitions Lenses gave us a few tips to help us identify if a child needs to visit an eye care professional:
-Holds reading materials too close to the eyes
-Uses fingers to trace words when reading
-Exhibits lack of attention or fatigue during school
-Constantly rubs the eyes
-Continuously squints
-Complains about headaches
-Turns or tilts the head to use one eye only
-Shows extreme light sensitivity
-Has irritated or teary eyes

This site has vast resources for patents, teachers, professionals and even children
If you want to practice you Spanish you can visit for the same great resources

Come by and take the promise! We did :)

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Transitions Optical. However, all opinions
expressed are my own.

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