Luxurious Style that Offers Convenience and Economy.

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There is nothing as the feeling if having purchased luxury when in reality the tag price was easy on the wallet. This is exactly what you get with the redesigned Nissan Sentra.
Specially when you spend many hours a day in a car.  This might very well be the case of many moms that become the perfect taxi service for children.  Take  the kids to school, get to work, drive back home.  Sounds pretty basic, but add traffic to that and it is already a major headache, unless you are driving in perfect comfort.  What about the soccer mom that is going from game to game, and then doing a drop of route of all the teammates?
Regardless of our lifestyle, we are in luck with the Nissan Sentra.
Sweet LightThis very reliable car that brings with it all the quality and know how of Nissan has a lot to offer. Thanks to a new and improved CVT system (this means that there are no noticeably gears for a bounceless ride) the Nissan Sentra can offer us gas consumption economy. The MPG (miles per gas) for this sedan is 40 in the highway. The CVT system also allows for a quieter and smoother ride along with its high performing shock absorber (part of the new suspension design).

 Let's get back to that luxury feel and appeal. We are talking about modern, premium design here.
The exterior of the car has a more sophisticated feel to it, and this might be attributed to chrome accents and the wrap-around head and tail lights. The sleek shape can trick you into thinking the Sentra is another high tag item when it is not!

The refined and sophisticated look continues in the interior of the car. But it isn't only about looks, the quality and feel definitively have all the "this is a step up" sensation going for us.
2013 Nissan SentraWe are referring to great integrated features like keyless entry and start button or the affordable navigation system with back up camera. Ohhh this is a must have for safe driving and convenience. We also are drooling over the feel of the padded instrument panel and armrest.
More than one of the new premium features of this car will win you over, you just have to discover for yourself.   This is definitively a "class-above"

There is so much to celebrate about the new sophisticated Nissan Sentra that a new Facebook program is in effect rewarding fans who join the promotion. The more of us that join, the better the prizes that will be offered. Once a certain level of participants have joined, the fun will really begin as prizes will be available to win.
As you think of the luxury and benefits of Nissan Sentra, you will relate to the prizes that could be offered. Take for example, of the back up camera. The prize you can get is a Nikon camera! Total comfort in your new Sentra? You got it, you could win a massage. Come join now and invite your friends! The more the merrier and the better prizes we could win!!!

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