Little Passport to Fuel Great Minds

You know we are big fan of educating our children on the world. Whenever we can, we travel. Definitively, nothing replaces that experience when learning and appreciating. Nevertheless, we can't be on the road constantly. So, Enjoy this "travel the world" idea at home via the different international celebrations like Chinese New Year or the color festival from India.
We incorporate education of the world's cultures as we cook together or visit different restaurants from every country we can
Of course we explore our maps and use our past trip photos (pre-babies) to tell them about the places we have visited and the experiences we have had.
All of this in hopes of a brighter future for the world and the kids. Of course it needs to be fun and entertaining.

Time and time again we tell you how we believe that through understanding and discovery of other cultures we aim at respect and tolerance for others who might at first seem very different to us.  That is why we do all this country/ custom discovery with the children. 

There is another very cute tool for us to add to our "we are the world" teachings:
Little passports.
We got a chance to review their services, and we are way excited about them; I wish I had this while growing up!!!  You can choose from the USA or the World version.
The starter kit includes
  •  A suitcase
  • An introductory letter from Sam
  • A huge, colorful wall map to locate each country visited and to map their adventure
  • A passport book
  • Stickers
  • An activity page
  • A boarding pass with an access code to play games on the Little Passports website

  • It is almost as going on a trip yourself! Month after month your friends Sam and Sofia really share key images, stories and points about the country they are at.  They will send your little one a package filled with souvenirs from the country they are visiting that include: a letter from Sam and Sofia, a passport stamp, crafts, cds, fun projects, a photo from the country, and other appropriate items. 
    In the first six months of their travels, Sam and Sofia visit among others Brazil, Japan, Ireland, France, Egypt, Kenya,  China, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, and India.
    At every step, the service kept us interested and happy:
    -little one was super excited to be getting a package
    - was amazed by the postcard images and was asking many questions about the country at hand
    -used map to discover country Sam and Sofia were visiting and started identifying neighboring countries

    This is also a great way of introducing geography in those alert minds

    Thanks to the generosity of Little Passports, one of you will be able to enjoy a 3 month subscription to this superb service.
    To enter the giveaway, please tell us which country you would like to visit with your little one
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