Boating Safety This Summer

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Summer is definitively synonym of water for us. The pool, water play, car washing, beach going and inventing all sorts of games that involve getting wet are on the itinerary every summer weekend.

This also includes a lot, a lot of rain in South Florida, and this is the only time we strive to keep dry because Florida is also lightning abundant!

Despite the crazy amount of rain that downpours on us each summer, we do get so many boat days in, it is an implicit competition with the God of thunderstorms in the race to beat him out of the rainy days :-)
That said. Please do not go boating without checking the weather. Definitively storms are not the time to be on open waters. Much less with little ones.

Because parents are always concerned about our little one's safety while traveling out and about, we have Britax car seats for them. That gets them truly covered, safe and comfortable. But, what should we consider while on a boat?

Here are some boating tips to keep in mind when out on water with little ones:
If you plan to jump in the water, make sure to explain to the children that swimming in open water is very different to swimming in a pool.  They need to be aware of uneven surface, and the fact that there is always a current present.  The best setting is enjoying the water is swim designated areas.
Also, tell kids not to dive into the water because the depth of the water is unknown as well as rocks and other hidden objects that might harm them upon entry to the water.

Water, water, water calls for brushing up on swimming skills, or making sure all the munchkins around us know how to swim, so we all can truly enjoy the splashing safely.

Happy and safe summer everyone!

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