Do You Give a Cup or Not? #doyougiveacup

We are all over this summer social media experiment by Peet's Coffee and Tea.  It is a campaign called Do You Give a Cup? #doyougiveacup
So what is it all about?  here is the run down: each week Peet's Coffee will ask a different question on their site and we all go in vote and determine whether or not we do #giveacup; or not. Very fun, very original, and simply awesome.
When I went to their site today, the question was whether or not I gave a cup about using Summer as a verb (summering)  Honestly, I don’t give a cup – but what I do give a cup about is  being able to enjoy my summer!  I commend companies who implement summer hours (via summer Fridays, everyday early leave or any type of effort big or small for employees toiling day in, day out can get their vitamin B in under the warmth of the sun!!!). 
We are lucky to call the Sunshine State home, ergo, we do get more summer days in than most.  Nevertheless, summer is summer, and as such we are determined to live it out (outdoors with protection, of course) as much as we can!
We are water babies, and we crave playing with it.  Boating, being beach bums, hanging out by the pool, having water balloon fights, you name it, we are doing it.  Nothing can interfere with that!  I am working on my tan lines and on getting maximum water exposure....other rain, that is.
We definitively Give a Cup about Summer!!!

Go vote and tell them if you give a cup or not because your voting will determine where they host their  sampling events each week.  You can visit the Give a Cup Campaign here
If you agree or not with the rest of America, Peet's Coffee and Tea is out to get us sampling at different events, all mentioned in their site, in case you want to go see them.

Keep in mind that Peet’s Coffee now comes in single cups.  If you are a coffee lover, we are sure you do Give a Cup, and what better way to celebrate than to join in on this unique social sampling campaign.

We are loving the fun, quirky and light hearted topics for the #giveacup campaing: do You Give a Cup about Kale, or dark chocolate?  So, what do you give a cup about other than summer? We have a long list :)  Let's see if they are included in Peet's Coffee and Tea's experiment.
Share your opinion and then share a cup of Pete's Coffee, that sounds like a win-win to us

Now tell us, What do you give a cup about?

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