Happy Bastille Day! Our Tips to Enjoying The Eiffel Tower in Paris

We celebrate Bastille day (July 14th) sharing our favorite photos of a magnificent French symbol.
Traveling to one of the most visited cities in the world gives the sensation of arriving home when you start seeing the familiar sites.
Nevertheless, Paris, turns quickly into amazing and fantastic adventure as you get a closer look;  regardless of how many times you have visited.

Paris is a breathtaking city. Period.
We all know it for being romantic and rich in history and culture not to mention foodie paradise.
Truly, at every turn, there is something amazing to discover, or something simply  to take in, gaze at  and admire.
Even a layover of a few hours always intensely pulls us back.  It really doesn't matter if we don't have much time, we just have to go into the city at the very least to see the magnificent Eiffel Tower.

This iconic building is the creation of Gustave Eiffel as part of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution.
It took 2 years and some to finalize. It stands at 324 meters high and weighs over 10k tons!
On the fun and bright side is sparkles to 20k bulbs!

To access it there is no shortage of alternatives: bike, bus, or by foot.  If you are driving we suggest parking at Quai Branly. If ridding the metro via line 9 your stop is  Trocadero.  Via line 6 get off at Bir Haken station. If you plan to arrive  by train, then the your stop is the Champs de mars station. To arrive in a different mood altogether, try the Batobus which is a fabulous boat ride, and a grand way to take the city in ( we will leave that for another post)
Open every day, it is as if the Eiffel Tower is always ready to party!
14.50 euros per adult get you to the very top. We totally recommend going to the tipy top because you can then choose to enjoy a glass of bubbly with Paris at your feet thanks to the Bar a Champagne.
If you are interested in high cuisine flare, make reservations way ahead (way ahead) of time to Les Jules Verne restaurant (chilled peas soup and rabbit are our recommendations).
If traveling with kids, Gus leads the way for a fun and educational tour led by his fluorescent footsteps that  take you to informative charts filled with history, facts, and anecdotes perfect for visitors 6-10.

Will you visit Paris' tallest monument soon? Take us with you, s'il vout plait! 

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