Beauty Tips to Beat #AllergyFace with #Zyrtec

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I recently ran into a friend that I had not seen in a very long time. It had not been five minutes into our conversation when I noticed she suffered from a bad case of allergies. I shared with her the news about the campaign ZYRTEC recently launched in partnership with Carmen Ordonez from to help people like her fight ALLERGY FACE, which is characterized by a puffy face, watery eyes, and a red nose that comes along with other allergy symptoms.
It is not surprising to learn that according to a survey by the makers of ZYRTEC, 66% of women with allergies have felt ugly or unattractive because of their ALLERGY FACE, which is exactly how my friend was feeling that day.

Carmen Ordonez is not only providing beauty tips to help us look better, but she is doing so by sticking to her personal motto that you can look great without breaking the bank. Pricey products do not necessary achieve great results.

You can learn about do-it-yourself beauty solutions to help target allergy-related beauty challenges in the second video of her three part bilingual video series created in partnership with the makers of ZYRTEC.

In the second video “Generations of Beauty Advice” Carmen graciously shares beauty tips that have been passed down from her mom and grandmother like:

• How to Avoid Irritating a Red Nose: Use baby wipes instead of tissues, which are gentler on the skin.

• How to Relieve a Puffy Face: Try drinking watermelon juice. Watermelons are high water content fruit and are an excellent source of antioxidants.

• How to Help Hydrate a Puffy Face: Eat more fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, celery, and zucchini all of which have high water content. Citrus fruits and berries are also rich in vitamin C.

• How to Refresh Your ALLERGY FACE: Place two metal spoons in the refrigerator and then place the back of the spoons on your eyelids for five minutes.

The best part is, you can try all of these home remedies without spending hundreds of dollars. I know in South Florida, berries and watermelons are on sale this time of the year!

I would like to share two of my mom’s beauty tips, both very inexpensive and effective:

• Wet two cotton balls with cold water and place them over your closed eyes for several minutes or

• Slice two pieces of cucumber straight from the refrigerator, lay down and place the cucumber slices over your closed eyes for several moments.

Both of these will help the puffiness in your eyes go down.

Below are some additional useful beauty tips from Carmen:

• Throw away old makeup! Remember that mascara should be tossed out every two months, foundations and concealers every year and lipsticks should be checked for discoloration every 3 months.

• It’s important to wash dirty makeup brushes monthly. Just use a small amount of shampoo, face wash or antibacterial hand soap and rub it through the bristles and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Make sure you visit to view both part one and two of Carmen’s ALLERGY FACE video series. And stay tuned for the release of part three, which will be available later this summer. In the meantime make sure to follow Carmen on Twitter at @VivaFashion and check out her blog for her latest ALLERGY FACE tips and tricks.

Happy to report that my friend told me she watched the video, followed Carmen’s home remedies and is already feeling prettier. Success!

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Keep beautiful!

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