The 4th Of July

So we know the Fourth of July is the declaration of independence from British rule.
Lots of essays and books have been written about this very day. Many theories and angles have been given to this world changing day.
Truth be told, this is a day that had changed the curse of history. With all of its implications and analyzes, bottom line to us at Cool Moms Cool Tips it is a new beginning. A new year of sorts that we celebrate, welcome, and use as a good moment to revive our dreams and objectives.

This is because for many, it is not just a commemoration, it is A day of hope, of change, and adventure that still holds true for many today as it must have been for the country's forefathers.
It has been since it passed a joyous occasion, and it will never cease to be as long as we have These United States to enjoy, protect and care for.
My friend will be sworn in as a new citizen on July 2nd, and ever since he has set foot on this country, he has loved it like no one else I have seen love a country.
It fills me with pride when we see others capable of wholeheartedly adopting a new place not only as our new home but as our everything. I just wish that pride will translate into a stronger, vibrant country for years to come.
This momentous occasion for my friend makes me think of our troops who day in and day out are making sure that those born and raised, those transplanted, and those craving to become citizens have a chance at all what this great nation has to offer.
True it is not perfect
True it is not always harmonious
But it is the promise land for some, the land of opportunity for others, and more importantly, home to many.
As we BBQ and enjoy the fireworks, I will say a prayer for the troops, and be thankful for all what The Unites States of America is because as much as we can bicker and criticize, it is our homeland, and the dream of many.
Let's cherish, love, respect and contribute to our communities to strengthen our legacy to our children and make every dream on this soil come true.

Create a new tradition, close your eyes for a second as you enjoy the fireworks and wish, wish for the biggest dream ever; it will come true! We are rooting for your hopes and dreams! We do this every year, and look forward to our little ritual :).

To your health and happiness. To your dreams come true too!
Happy Fourth!

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