A Young Critics Take on the Slava SnowShow

AD  This is a sponsored post.  We received passed to the show as compensation for our honest review.  All opinions expressed are our own.

Being a huge Cirque du Soleil fan, I can be very biased and critical of other shows claiming to be like it.
Therefore, for this post, you will read the honest opinion of my date to the Slava SnowShow (here is the link of the synopsis of the show and us telling you they are in town)
My date is an amazing 10 year old free spirit who is always fun to be with.  Like most boys his age, camp was the highlight of his summer along with movie going and lots of hours spent at the beach.  Definitively, this event is the first of its kind for this summer activities.

Here is what he had to say:
My aunt took me to this show that was supposed to be like a blizzard.  I have seen snow only once, so I wanted to see what a blizzard was like.
When we got to the theater my aunt loved the lobby and took a few pictures.  I don't get that.
We sat at the bottom, she told me it was the orchestra seating.  The floor of the place was covered with white papers.  I thought it was very dirty.
Then the show started.  It was a clown that wanted to die, and then another one that wanted to die but then they never hung themselves and then the show continued but never told us if they were happier or not. 
I did not understand how everything connected from one scene to the next.  Some white paper fell but not much.
Before intermission a giant web was passed over the crowd and that was fun.  We spend hours trying to get rid of strands of it later.
I was glad we had intermission because we visited the candy stand and their gummies were good.
When we came back it was more of the same but then they did something really cool where the same person made it look like his coat and hat had become someone else and was hugging himself and saying goodbye because they were at the train station.  My aunt said that was her favorite part too.
Right before it ended lots of white paper were thrown at us, but none really reached me.  I guess that was what they meant for the blizzard.  I thought it would be crazy and cold, but only white paper.
At the end, they threw some ball of all sizes at all and that was fun, and I could see the grown ups were having fun too.
It was nice spending time with my aunt.

And with that my heart melts, and I appreciate his comments and how he stops and thinks about art. 
I do agree with him that there was no connection between one set and the other.

I won't elaborate more because it might become a spoiler alert.
If you go see the show, do come back and tell us what you think.

Onward art!  Yes, we are all critics, so go out and intake it all!

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