Feeding Picky Eaters Can Be Stories from the Bright Side :-)

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Feeding our muchkins has never been an easy feat for us.  From the start we have had picky eaters in our hands and we have had to practically beg.  With no manual at hand we started off by trying all the tricks our relatives shared with us to get the babies to eat.  Slowly we graduated to clowning in front of them, and making all sorts of entertainment the vehicle to make them eat.  TV, toys, you name it we tried it.  Despite the trepidation, there is always a bright side to it all. Specially when we reach milestones of get laughter to remind us this truly is a labor of love :-)
As the kids have grown, we truly have tried everything in the book, yes, even bribery.  Finally the kids are eating, wooohoooo!
Not to the point where they are fans of food.  Meals at home take over an hour begging them to hurry and finish their plates.
The struggles have come filled with little victories and tons of smiles.  We have had many moments when trying to maintain a straight serious face, so as to not encourage the behaviors, is practically impossible.

After discovering the "Stories from the Bright Side" campaign from Happy Family, we feel we are not alone in our struggles, and have brought our stress notch on the issue a few decibels down after laughing and viewing our efforts in a different light with tools like these videos:

Just last week, we were enticing one of the kids to put hefty spoonfuls into her mouth.  Finally when she did, we said, see, it was not that difficult, was it?....no reply...you are a big girl!  you did it!  now you can continue, right?....no reply...after a few questions reinforcing the good behavior, she finally swallowed and said, I have my mouth full, and can't answer!  I guess you had to be there, but we were floored.  We laughed so hard it got contagious and our second munchkin took a sip of his drink and couldn't hold it down.  Actually it came out of his nose and then his sister declared: you have red snots!!! Oh boy, a glorious conversation for the dinner table.  Nevertheless a good laugh all around. 

Although not directly related to actual feeding time, I think this story tops it all:
Super Little Man received a set of permanent markers as a gift one time. As we were preparing dinner, we had given some entertainment to our little man that included his new markers.  Sure enough he busied himself, and after a few minutes came to us to share proudly his artwork:  He had painted himself from head to toe with the green permanent marker - look ma, its the Hulk!!!
As we look back, definitively a funny moment for us.
Thanks Happy Family for helping us treasure the joy of getting our kids to eat!
Who are these good people?
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What is your funny feeding story?

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