Lowest Unlimited Wireless Plan: Walmart Family Mobile!

With all the back to school expenses, we have reviewing our budget so that we can balance out and perhaps in the long run save some money.  I am really worried because year after year our salaries stay put or raise very little, but all of our expenditures seem to sky rocket :-( We find ourselves pondering on this right after all the school supplies have been purchased.  Scary to think of all the stuff school will be asking throughout the year.
As we evaluate our bottom line, a big expense on our budget list is the line that reads "mobile phone".  Right now we use one of the big carriers for our service, but in going over the statements, there are too many fees, too many services that even I don't know what they are for. We definitively need to get a more affordable service that offers smart phone s and no contracts.  We need to find a way to reduce our $250 bill now that our contract is about to expire!  Definitively the best wireless service is what we want, and at the cheapest wireless plan.  We can't do away with the smart phones, but I would like to do away with the contract so I can discover something that can truly meet my needs and give me freedom.  Despite using smartphones, our actual contract is not unlimited, and that makes our data and text usage be constantly over our quotas.  I don't know what keeps us so busy searching on line, but I do know all 4 of us are constantly taking photos and sharing them via text.
Well, yesterday I found out in the Live SoFab Back to School digital magazine #cbias that Walmart was offering low unlimited wireless plans, since I had to go get some groceries for my special birthday dinner tomorrow at Walmart, off I went today to find out if we could jump at this for our wireless savings search.

When I got to the electronics' desk, I found the #familymobilesaves plan.  It is called Family Mobile, and it truly is remarkable savings.  There are two unlimited plans to choose from:
$39.88 / month for unlimited talk, text and data
$29.88/ month for unlimited talk and text

I got a great associate to help me.  Monica is an actual user of the service, and she was happy to share how amazing it was not only in terms of savings (she has 3 lines for $90 a month, way lower than my bill for one!) but also, she kept raving about the reception, and how she has never had telephone or internet issues or delays with the service.
You can add lines you your no contract service for $5 less: $34.88 or $24.88/ month and you can mix and match as you need. 
Besides having great low wireless plans, they have a good assortment of phones to choose from with rolled back prices: there was a My touch phone for $129.88 (from $149.88) and a Concorde smartphone at $79.88 (from $99.88).

Besides signing up for the program (not contract) and choosing your phone, you need a starter kit that goes for $25.  The starter kit really is a SIM card that works on all GSM telephones (yes, that includes iPhones too!)
Once you are ready to activate your phone you can choose to do so at the store, via the phone or online.  Monica activated it for me in the store in less than 5 minutes.  Once I got home, I had a message asking me to go online.  This is simply to make you the manager of your family plan, and to help you discover how to manage your service and extras.
Yes, extras because you can purchase games,  international roaming or long distance service to Mexico, Canada and 12 other countries for as low as $0.05 per minute.

I am thrilled to have found, and now have what I was looking for: the cheapest wireless plan, best wireless service for our text, talk and data needs! I can't wait to truly have all of us playing and discovering my new Concord smartphone and its features. 
I will keep you posted on how we feel about the service after we use it in earnest, so stay tuned!

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