Proskin Leggings: Slimming and Less Cellulite #28DayChallenge post #2

This is a sponsored post , we received the product as  compensation. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

We have been wearing our Proskin leggings for a week  (what is it?  Read about it here)  we wear them religiously for 8 hours every day.
Besides doing so, we have modified our diet: we have eliminated all junk food, and restricted our diet soda intake to one a day. 
Exercise has yet to be incorporated in the plan because life has gotten in the way, and I have not made a serious effort about it.  That is until today.  We start the second week and exercise is definitively in the daily schedule.
To wear our leggings, I did put it in the wash,  I might have reduced the efficacy of the slimming ingredients weaved into the fabric, but I just have a thing about  washing all our new clothes.

This is what we think of the leggings so far:
As for weight loss, I am down a few pounds, but I attribute that to watching what I eat and to the smaller portions.  Nothing significant yet. 
Let's see what good news this week of wearing Prokins will bring!

If you can't wait for my final results in 3 more weeks, you can always get 50% off Classic Black Leggings when you sign up for the 28 Day Challenge at

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