Enjoying Unlimited Plans Gives me a Chance to Surprise My Family!

Like we shared on our previous post, we were concerned about out monthly expenses.  The back to school buying was upon us and  I guess I got frantic about how much we were spending plus our recurrent bills.  Perhaps I did go a little over board about it, but that pushed us to find the lowest price rate  plan we could, and we did!

It has been a good solid 3 weeks testing out the Walmart family mobile wireless plan. There is no doubt we are seeing a difference in our budget!  Our monthly bill pre- #FamilyMobileSaves was $250.  With Walmart Family Mobile plan name we pay $39.88 plus $5 per additional line which brings us to a grand total of  $50 for 3 lines.  Now, I am very happy about the extra $200 that I am saving, but really wanted to put the service to the test.  After all I was paying so much more before that surely I was going to miss out on something, right?  Well, wrong.  Reception is amazing and consistent. Loading  images to social media a breeze and browsing the internet even faster than my previous service.
We are an avid texter and Internet user bunch at home. With our new unlimited plan we experienced a smooth transition and are not relenting in our usage.  After all it is unlimited talk, text and data!

After a week of discovering and not finding any downfalls to the service we added a line for hubby.  He didn't want to part with his iPhone and he didn't have to because this plan does include this smartphone, along with others you can choose from, like the Concord or the MyTouch devices (we found both at rolled back prices).

We added his number on line and it was just so easy.  Actually, it is very user friendly and give you all details you need to know about your plan quickly, almost at a glance.  Furthermore, I used the site to set up billing directly to my credit card.  There, I never have to worry again about forgetting to pay my bill and I can always go to the site to ensure all is under control and as we expect it.  I will be going soon to it because we have planned a trip overseas and we can add international service for a nominal fee.
There is no going back! We have all the talk, text and internet usage we need and desire without the worry of exceeding out budget.  This is the best wireless solution for our family needs.
I do have endless saving months ahead of me, so this first one, I decided I was going to have a small celebration of my own. 
For that I decided to treat us all to our favorite dessert by grandma.   This was going to be big!!!
I had not time to waste. Got on the phone with grandma immediately but didn't get her recipe.  Instead, I got online and purchased a plane ticket with the savings.  Got grandma with us within 3 days, and so, we could all enjoy her and  of course her famous mango key lime pie!  What a treat!!!!!  Thanks for coming mom. Celebratory dance is in order :-)

What will you do with your savings?

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