Heart Warming Back to School Memories

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Going back to school is a full exercise for my heart. 
I say this because as proud and happy as I am that the little ones are moving on, learning new things, expanding their horizons and conquering their world, I feel at the same time sad to see them go.  I would love to keep them by my side forever enjoying an eternal summer.  And so here it is #SafeConBritaxBTS time.

After lots of beach going, boating, bike rides, outdoor movies, BBQs, zoo going, pool parties and plenty of lazy afternoons enjoying each other in the hammock, our back to school routines seemed to have managed to erase all  of summertime.
Even though I felt as I didn't have 5 minutes, I suddenly found myself going back in time, and remembering how our first weeks of school were a big celebration when we were little ones.  Mom put out all the stops, and we enjoyed the first days of our re-established routines as much as we did our fun filled summers.
Yes, my exuberant mom has always made a party or a happy occasion of most everything in our lives. We were usually excited the week before class begun because we had all these new supplies, outfits and basically everything to be ready for school.  But, without fail, the night before we were always reserved about the newness we were about to confront.  Well, on the eve of back to school day, mom would have an amazing dance party for us.  We would dance so much and laugh so hard that all of our worries disappeared in time to go to bed tired and happy.  The next morning, she would have a special gift in each of our breakfast plates.  The gift was every time a special trinket she found at bazaars or festivals that she labeled as excellence charms that gave us that boost of self confidence.  Thank you mom, good memories :-)

With the start of the school year comes grandparent's day celebration. Perfect! we get another chance to celebrate my wonderful parents!!!
Mom was invited to read for munchkin's class.
She was honored and really looking forward to it.  She asked munchkin which book he wanted to read.  They both choose it together and actually read it before hand.  It warmed my heart to see their ever blossoming relationship and how excited she was about going to school.  I had planned to go and film her reading debut.  Unfortunately,  I had a last minute trip to take, and reluctantly was to miss it all.  More than that, I had to rely on mom to drive munchkin to and from school while I returned. 

Before I left, I installed the new Britax booster car seat for my big muchkin.  As you know by now, trusting Britax with my little one's safety on the highway gives me peace of mind like nothing else.  Their quality and high standards just puts all worries to rest, so I can focus on the madness of our busy lives :-).
On grandparents day, we were getting ready to head out and pick up grandma, so she could drive me to the airport, and then go to read to the class.  As big muchkin got in the car, and saw the new car seat the surprise and happiness were evident in those big round eyes basically saying "yes mom!".  Then I hear: "wow mom! new seat, this one is beautiful,  I like it!  Good job!" 
Ahhhh yes.
This satisfied mom was getting on that plane and enduring the difficult meetings like a goddess!

That day the reward of munchkin's words and gratitude, and the beauty of seeing grandma and grandson giddy with excitement for their plans exceeded anything I could have imagined for the day....actually for the month as it still fills me with pride and warms my heart.

Hope your back to school routines is bringing you as much joy and fulfillment as mine. 
A++ to everyone!

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