School is in! So Keep this handy: September is Head Lice Awareness Month

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As kids go back to school, they may be bringing home more in their backpacks than their school books this September. They’re creepy, they’re crawly and they’re much more than an inconvenience. Ask any parent who has  ever had to deal with lice and they will tell you they can wreak havoc on
the household. But now there is help available for parents to both prevent  and deal with the little critters.

Ladibugs, Inc. is a Minnesota lice removal and prevention company started  by two local moms and nurses, Lisa Rudquist and Rachel Knutson. After  having dealt with the problem with their own children several times and  being frustrated with the harsh over-the-counter chemicals, they knew
there had to be a better way. Not only did they develop an entire line of  chemical-free lice removal and prevention products.  We told you all about them here

 Heads up: September is Lice Awareness month and there are an estimated six to 12  million infestations in the United States each year.  Don't be part of the statistics, or if unfortunately you are, we have safe Ladibugs at your side.

Here are a few tips to prevent head lice:
 -Avoid head-to-head contact during play, sleepovers, or other activities at
home, school, camp and elsewhere.

-Don’t share combs, brushes or towels. Do not share clothing such as hats,
scarves, coats, hair ribbons or barrettes.

 -Once lice are in a family, 85 percent of siblings, 65 percent of moms and
10 percent of dads become infected. Re-check everyone in a household where
a lice infestation has been confirmed every few days for at least 10-15
days after an outbreak.

Here are a few myths regarding head lice:
 ·       Lice is a result of poor hygiene—it’s actually the opposite- lice
prefer clean hair to dirty hair.
·       Lice are hard to get- head lice do not jump, fly or swim- however
they are great crawlers and can move from person to person in little as 30
·       Lice-infested items must be washed in hot water- it’s not
necessary to wash everything, but make sure it is in the dryer for 30
minutes to dehydrate and kill lice.
·       No itch means no lice—while the most common sign is itching, many
times there is no itching- the only way to be sure is frequent head

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